One of our plants is a powerful defense against COVID-19

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One of our plants is a powerful defense against COVID-19
One of our plants is a powerful defense against COVID-19

The pandemic of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has thrown the whole world into panic. Tens of millions are already infected and victims. In recent months, all kinds of experts have expressed their opinion on how to fight this evil

A virologist explained why the coronavirus is more dangerous than seasonal flu

History shows that during epidemics, many people use garlic: eat it raw, inhale garlic vapor, or even lightly rub the juice inside their nose before going out.

But there is another medicine - the calamus or as it is known in our country - swamp air or acorus, aromatic reed.

In scientific medicine, calamus is widely used as an aromatic, disinfectant, sedative and digestive aid, and has also been successfully used to treat peptic ulcer.

Marshmallow is also used to prevent many viral infections. During cholera and typhoid epidemics, the roots of the plant were chewed or a small piece was held in the mouth.

Now some people do the same during flu epidemics and consume garlic at the same time. Swamp air is active against viruses, so it is worth using it for prevention.

Its roots contain essential oil with a complex composition, tannins, bitter glycoside acorin, ascorbic acid. They are used in the food industry, perfumery and medicine. In Soviet times, they were used both in brewing and in confectionery.

In folk medicine, the plant is also widely used: for diseases of the liver and kidneys, bladder, pulmonary tuberculosis, stomach diseases, fever, toothache and nervous diseases.

Of course, there are contraindications to using calamus. Basically, the standard ones - for pregnant and lactating women, personal intolerance, kidney problems. Try a small dose and find out how your body reacts to this plant.

Swampweed originates from Northern Asia. In the Middle Ages, it was also grown on the Balkan Peninsula. Now it is rarely found, apparently wild, in swampy, swampy places, in slow-flowing waters. In Bulgaria, the fruits do not ripen, which is why it propagates vegetatively.


The deposits are limited - Sofia, Samokov, Kazanlak and near the Iskar river. In the wild it is distributed in many areas of Asia and in the sub-Atlantic parts of North America.

The usable part of the plant is the rhizome. It is taken out in spring - April or in autumn - October. After extraction, the rhizome is peeled, cut and dried in the shade or in a dryer at a temperature of up to 40 degrees.

The properly dried herb has a yellow-brown color on the outside and white on the inside. The shelf life of the whole roots is 3 years, and the cut ones - 2 years.

For internal use, pour 1 teaspoon of bog air with 400 ml of boiling water. Soak for 1 hour and strain. Drink 15 minutes before meals, 1 cup 3 times a day.

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