He althy children do not need posture correctors

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He althy children do not need posture correctors
He althy children do not need posture correctors

My daughter is in seventh grade. I noticed recently that she started to slouch a little. I read that in such cases a posture corrector helps. Is it recommended for children?

Aneta Hristova, city of Kazanlak

He althy children do not need such concealers. Wearing them leads to weakening of the muscles, because they are not fully loaded. You can correct your daughter's posture with the help of special exercises.

The spine is supported not only by the muscles of the back, but also by those of the abdomen. See for yourself: “swallow” your stomach and you will notice how your back straightens.

Walking and sitting with a straight back should become a habit. We also want to draw your attention to the following: whoever holds a phone or tablet in his hands, involuntarily relaxes his shoulders. This is very harmful because it leads to the curvature of the spine, to the formation of the so-called scoliotic posture.

To avoid slouching, you need to perform exercises for the back muscles - seven days a week, on weekdays and holidays. From sports, swimming and cycling are useful. You can train the muscles and with the help of expanders, dumbbells, stretch with the help of a horizontal bar (it is more convenient to fasten it to the door). Any physical activity is good - walking, active games.