Glaze with oil and olive oil

Glaze with oil and olive oil
Glaze with oil and olive oil

Since ancient times, oil guzzling has been favored for maintaining excellent he alth status. A number of folk recipes, but also scientific statements prove how useful gargling with olive oil or oil is for problems in the oral cavity. Try it to see the effect, it says BLITZ.

However, use only organic, pure, unrefined liquid oils, because they are the ones that have the best effect in clearing all toxins and bacteria from the mouth, throat and gums.

The required dose is one tablespoon for each mouthful. Olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil or castor oil are best tolerated.

It is recommended to yawn after waking up. In this way, you will clear the oral cavity of germs that have accumulated while you sleep.

You can also try babbling while taking your morning shower. The important thing is to wait from 10 to 20 minutes to guarantee an excellent effect of the jabbering. At first it may be difficult for you, so gradually increase the time, starting for example with 5-6 minutes.

Do not allow the liquid oil to enter the throat because of the toxic material that collects in the ingested amount during gargling. The substance should only pass around the gums and between the teeth.

How does this method work?

The oil or olive oil is mixed with the saliva during gargling and in this way the plaques are removed, the microbes inhabiting the oral cavity are peeled off. By gargling, the sinuses are freed, and the mucus in the throat is cleared. Towards the end of the gurgling, the liquid becomes dirty white.

This is a sign that it's time to spit her out. To avoid reabsorbing unwanted bacteria, rinse your mouth with clean water after gargling, and then drink a glass of water.

If you brush regularly, you will also achieve whiter teeth, stronger gums, lower risk of tooth decay and gum inflammation. Bad breath disappears, as do bleeding gums, and the risk of mouth ulcers decreases significantly. And that's not all! A number of cases have been described in which allergy symptoms are reduced, skin problems such as psoriasis are successfully treated, and the skin is rejuvenated. There are cases in which prophylaxis with oil or olive oil relieves migraine attacks, as well as inflammatory processes in arthritis, helps with bronchitis and insomnia.

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