Valentin Mirchev: Bone asymmetry unlocks 180 diseases

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Valentin Mirchev: Bone asymmetry unlocks 180 diseases
Valentin Mirchev: Bone asymmetry unlocks 180 diseases

Valentin Mirchev has been professionally engaged in Yumeiho for 15 years. During this time, he achieved the fifth level of qualification (fifth dan) and, under a contract with the European Yumeiho Association, he has the right to conduct Yumeiho training courses and carry out inspections. He is the vice-chairman of "Yumeiho Association Bulgaria". He teaches the method at the National Sports Academy in postgraduate courses. For the readers of "Doctor" Valentin Mirchev explained how the Yumeiho method works on the human body

- Mr. Mirchev, how was the Yumeiho method created?

- The creator of Yumeiho is the Japanese Dr. Masayuki Sayonji. He would be 68 now if he hadn't died in a car accident in 2005. Saionzhi researches the application of Eastern traditional healing methods, particularly Chinese and Japanese. It systematizes and builds on them. Thus, in 1981, he presented his Yumeiho method, containing 100 basic techniques. In 1983, in Tokyo, Dr. Saionji founded the International Institute of Preventive Medical Practice.

The most important thing in the method is the theory of the center of gravity of the body. Saionji sincerely hoped that in every family there would be one person who knows and uses the method and helps his relatives. Yumeiho really spread very quickly, it has been known for a long time both in Europe and in Russia. There are also many good specialists in Bulgaria.

You call him Doctor Saionji. Where did he get that title?

- The title of doctor was given to him in Russia because he trained many doctors there. Recovering Russian cosmonauts and airmen through Yumeiho.

According to Dr. Saionji, chronic diseases arise from the loss of balance in the body. It has its own regulatory abilities to restore itself when balance is achieved, resulting in improved he alth and psyche.

What balance are you talking about?

- Yumeiho is based on the theory of the center of gravity, of symmetry and balance in the human body. This is exactly how this method differs from all other methods of conventional and alternative medicine, which affect the bones, joints and muscles, with which alignment, stretching, relaxation and toning are achieved.

Balance begins with symmetry

of the hip or pelvic bones.

We can hardly find a person with absolutely symmetrically located hip bones. When they are displaced, it leads to the displacement of the vertebrae of the spine, to the occurrence of problems in the joints, to impaired movement of blood and lymph flow, to improper loading of the muscles.

It is possible to pinch nerves, inflammation, tension and pain in different areas of the body - the pelvis, the segments of the spine, etc. Gradually, problems with internal organs and systems appear, which leads to chronic diseases. More than 180 diseases start from the bone-joint asymmetry of the two halves of the body - left and right.

What problems and diseases do people come to you with?

- People come with discopathy, disc herniation, coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis, cardiovascular diseases, cerebral palsy, In principle, yumeiho was created as a preventive and restorative method, not for treatment. It is used with kneading and pressing, adjusting and fixing the bones, pulling, straightening and vertical pressure, our goal is to restore the balance of the body. It is strictly individual for each person. But when we achieve the balance in the individual, his own restorative powers or regulatory abilities, as they say in medicine, come into play. Because in Yumeiko se

work on the cause of the disease,

and not on his symptoms, this explains the greater effectiveness of the method compared to other conventional methods.

Many diseases are affected by yumeiho, starting with diseases of the entire musculoskeletal system, the endocrine and cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, genitourinary systems. Yumeiho also helps with problems getting pregnant. When the pelvic bones and the lumbar and thoracic vertebrae are aligned, the blood circulation increases and the organs in the small pelvis begin to work better

How long does it take and is it even possible to return bone-joint symmetry in an elderly person?

- You need a minimum of 15-20 procedures, and if not daily, at least every other day, to have a result. We have created the lack of balance through our lifestyle, from work, injuries, falls, accidents. There must be persistence. We will help as much as possible with the procedures, but what has been achieved must be maintained and a person must also help himself. That is why we also create an individual complex of exercises according to the displacement of the bones in the particular person, to be done at home. If habits don't change, things will happen very slowly. Anyway

we live in an uncomfortable living environment

People don't move enough. And if every part of the human body does not move, according to the laws of nature, its function will deteriorate, it will lose its vitality, various diseases will appear.

What are the procedures, are they painful? Many people do not dare to try because they do not know what awaits them

- Many people are worried when they hear the sound of the joints being adjusted. But it is good for one to try once to feel the impact of this method. I am one of the people with a huge practice in yumeiho, and I hardly have a patient who has not felt an improvement. Sometimes a slight pain may occur. But we always consider the physical condition of the person, his biomechanics. Each person is worked on differently.

What is the most remarkable patient improvement you have seen in your practice?

- Since we also work with many Russians, there was a patient with constant pain and difficulty moving her neck for 3-4 years. After one adjustment, the pain disappeared. For the second year now, the woman has had no problems because she comes for a preventive procedure. Things are more difficult for people who have fallen or lifted heavy objects, in which case they rupture a disc and herniate the disc so much that they cannot move. There's no way things can happen with them all at once.

Do you dare to work patients who have had spine surgery?

- We comply with this thing and work with such people. Even now I have a very bad case. Some chiropractor adjusted the boy in such a way that he broke the facets of his fifth lumbar vertebra. He goes to the operating table - nine operations have been performed on him.

We are already working with the boy and he is fine. We have given him good calisthenics to tighten some muscles and loosen others to achieve bone symmetry. We'll see how his recovery goes because hardly anyone has had so many back surgeries.

Lower back pain subsided

“During the barracks, I lifted a lot of heavy things and got a serious lower back problem. I went to doctors for about six months, but no one could help me. Over time, the pain gradually subsided and called only after heavy physical work. But thanks to yumeiho, I don't have any problems anymore. For my 53 years I can boast that I am well. But I take care of myself, I work on the technique and on myself at least once a week," said the specialist.

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