How to prevent thrombosis after being sick with coronavirus?

How to prevent thrombosis after being sick with coronavirus?
How to prevent thrombosis after being sick with coronavirus?

Drink enough water: one and a half to two liters daily. Preferably warm, but also hot. This will improve your blood circulation, increase bile flow and reduce mucus production. It is more convenient to pour half a liter or a liter of water into a thermos (you can add a little magnesium) and take three to five sips every 25-30 minutes.

Water moisturizes mucous membranes and removes toxins. In the morning, immediately after getting up, gradually drink two glasses of warm water and after 20 minutes have breakfast.

For breakfast, it is recommended to eat something fattier to increase the outflow of bile, to strengthen the vascular tone. Foods containing vitamin C are good for the vascular wall: fruits, especially citrus fruits, rosehip decoction, vegetables that also contain vitamin K. It is good to season food, especially fatty foods, with turmeric, which has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Eat more often algae rich in natural antiseptic - iodine. You can take iodine supplements or drink iodine-fortified water to prevent viral infections. Dilutes the blood and garlic thanks to the allicin it contains. This substance is good for reducing inflammation in the blood vessels.

Sulfur, which is rich in garlic, also reduces the activity of the inflammatory process. A single dose of garlic is no more than two cloves.

They thin the blood and omega-3 fatty acids, which marine fish are rich in. Honey and bee products are also useful if you tolerate them well. Propolis acts on blood vessels as an antioxidant, reduces inflammation.

If you have never drank it before, you should dissolve one granule and see the reaction. A single dose is about a quarter of a teaspoon. In the acute stage of the disease or immediately after it, you can take propolis five times a day and then reduce the dose.