Chaga mushroom is effective against COVID-19

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Chaga mushroom is effective against COVID-19
Chaga mushroom is effective against COVID-19

This is what the head of the Mycology Laboratory at the "Vector" Virology Center, Tamara Tepliakova, claims

She herself got over the corona infection, so she assures from personal experience that the chaga mushroom helps to fight the disease.

“We, together with my husband, fell ill with COVID-19 with the characteristic symptoms - fever, loss of smell. The test came back positive. My family and I have been taking chaga extract along with the treatment prescribed by the doctors. In the end, on the 5th - 7th day, we all got better, says the specialist.

Chaga prevents the virus from multiplying,

explains Tamara Teplyakova. This effect is achieved due to the biologically active components that are formed during the interaction between the birch and the mushroom. And one more important point: chaga does not allow the blood to thicken and prevents the formation of blood clots, which is very important for coronavirus patients.

Scientists emphasize that 150-200 ml of concentrate can be used per day, taking it evenly throughout the day - a sip every 15-20 minutes. And necessarily with water. However, it is very important for the doctor to assess the patient's condition. Research shows that chaga is incompatible with antibiotics, warns Tamara Teplyakova.

You can also prepare mushroom concentrate at home

To 200 g of dry pharmaceutical raw material from chaga, 1 liter of ordinary water is added, the container is closed with a lid and kept in a water bath at 95 degrees. Put the dish in a pot of water and keep it on a low heat, not allowing it to boil. After 3 hours, add about 300 ml of hot water to make up the evaporated volume of liquid and keep in a water bath for another 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave to cool completely. Strain the resulting liquid through a sieve to separate the particles. The extract can be kept in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.