Teenage girl cries bloody tears due to mysterious illness, doctors are in shock

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Teenage girl cries bloody tears due to mysterious illness, doctors are in shock
Teenage girl cries bloody tears due to mysterious illness, doctors are in shock

A young Australian woman suffers from an unusual disease, the causes of which doctors have been unable to determine for several months. According to 9News, the 17-year-old girl's eyes and mouth were bleeding. From time to time, the teenager also has seizures

Half a year ago, 17-year-old Alexis Harrison slipped in the bathtub. She hit her head when she fell. The girl was taken to the hospital and after an examination she went home. The next day, for the first time, blood flowed from her eyes, a little later she fainted. Alexis was taken back to the hospital, where a CT scan of her head was performed. The doctors said that the photographs did not show any damage to the brain and after 3 hours the 17-year-old girl was released from the he alth facility.

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After that, there were again several cases where blood flowed from her eyes and the seizures became more and more prolonged. However, at each visit to the hospital, the doctors looked at the picture and told her that there was nothing wrong with her.

Alexis' parents insisted on an MRI of the brain. And this examination showed that her brain was not damaged at all. Doctors assumed that the seizures were due to "psychological causes". The ophthalmologist who examined her found no damage to the eyes, but was adamant that the bleeding could not have been caused by "psychological reasons".

Why does the face hurt?

In March of this year, Alexis' mother discovered that the doctors had been looking at another patient's picture the whole time. The new test showed that there was a mass in her paranasal sinuses. However, doctors still doubt that it is related to the seizures and bloody tears.

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At the moment, the girl's seizures last up to 3 hours, blood is flowing from both her eyes and her mouth. The girl cannot drive, she has learning difficulties. Doctors from other medical facilities are reluctant to tackle Harrison's case because they "have never encountered anything like this".

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