What to do if we have a wound and how to heal faster?

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What to do if we have a wound and how to heal faster?
What to do if we have a wound and how to heal faster?

Every one of us has been hurt. Whether the wound is open or it's swelling, but we want it to pass as quickly as possible and we can return to our daily life. However, the healing process sometimes carries risks, so that instead of getting better, things get worse

Active tissue regeneration requires appropriate conditions. In order to improve the healing of wounds, scrapes or cuts, it is necessary to understand what factors can prevent a successful outcome and how to counteract these factors.

The main and most necessary condition can be called the cleanliness of the wound. It is not just about the presence of visible contamination in it that can be removed. Rather, it is about the invisible but most dangerous enemies of healing microorganisms.

The fact is that any accidental injury is susceptible to infection by harmful microorganisms. Moreover, any wound is an excellent breeding ground for germs. It contains the necessary substances, stable humidity and comfortable temperature.

To avoid such complications of wound infection as swelling, inflammation, heating and excessive scarring, disinfection methods have been used since ancient times. After removing visible dirt from the wound, it should be treated with an antiseptic. At home, the most popular antiseptics are hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green solution, iodine alcohol solution or chlorhexidine.

If you choose an antiseptic yourself, you should be guided by the presence of allergic reactions in the patient. In case of occurrence, the use of this medication should be stopped immediately, it is best to consult a doctor.

Wound treatment should be done with clean hands and a sterile dressing. The dressing should be changed regularly.

One of the means that actively interfere with the vital activity of bacteria are silver ions. Once upon a time, girls put silver jewelry in the water at night, and in the morning they washed with it for beautiful and he althy skin.

On the same principle, medical preparations are created today, which include silver compounds, which can be applied immediately after cleaning and antiseptic treatment of wounds. Silver ions increase the antibacterial effect, which allows to achieve effective protection of wounds from infection.

The speed of wound healing for each person is individual and depends on age, metabolic state, volume of injury, conditions and even the time of year.

During the winter period, metabolic processes are a little slower, so wound healing occurs faster in the summer if the rules of asepsis are followed.

If the wound is not treated for a long time, the current measures for its cleaning and care do not give improvement. In addition, with the discharge of clear or bloody fluid and other signs of inflammation, you should seek medical attention.

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