Therapeutic blocks relieve joint pain

Therapeutic blocks relieve joint pain
Therapeutic blocks relieve joint pain

I have severe pain in my shoulder joint. No changes were detected on the radiograph. I took pills, did physical therapy, used ointments, plasters, but there was no effect. One of the specialists I consulted recommended me to do a healing block. What will you advise me, will this procedure have any effect?

Vera Nedyalkova, city of Ruse

Currently, therapeutic blockades are not only a way to relieve pain in any joint and spine, but also a method of active treatment that allows the necessary drugs to be injected directly into the problem area.

In this way, the conduction of pain impulses along the nerves is blocked. This often relieves the pain for several months, sometimes years. If the pain is caused by damage to the joints, arthrosis, trauma, chronic inflammation, other preparations are added to the anesthetic: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (or stronger glucocorticoids) to reduce the activity of inflammation, chondroprotectors – to restore the articular cartilage.

And due to the fact that these substances are injected directly into the affected area, they work much more actively than drugs taken orally or applied to the skin, most of which are inactivated over time (that is, stop working have a therapeutic effect) before reaching the diseased organ.

Therefore, medical joint blockade is much more effective than pharmaceuticals. Nevertheless, each patient is an individual case that must be examined by a specialist doctor in order to determine the most suitable strategy and method of effective treatment.

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