Can nail fungus be mistaken for psoriasis?

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Can nail fungus be mistaken for psoriasis?
Can nail fungus be mistaken for psoriasis?

Two years ago I developed nail fungus. The doctor prescribed me treatment, but without any effect. Now I decided to consult a specialist again, who told me that I most likely have psoriasis, which is why even two years of treatment did not help me. Can a specialist confuse nail fungus with psoriasis?

Dobromira Naydenova, city of Ruse

Unfortunately, this happens. The doctor sees a lesion on some of the nails, decides that it is a fungus and prescribes treatment, without laboratory confirmation. He does not pay attention to the fact that the affected nail looks like a thimble covered with needles (thimble syndrome), which is a characteristic sign of psoriasis.

In order not to miss psoriasis, the specialist must not only carefully examine the patient, but also ask you if you have relatives who suffer from this disease. Otherwise, a person will unsuccessfully treat nail fungus or seborrhea, changing drugs and shampoos. Sometimes the diagnosis of psoriasis of the scalp is more difficult, due to the fact that the patient has washed his hair with hormonal shampoo before the examination, and the characteristic plaque of the disease is temporarily not visible.