Rapid weight gain - a symptom of heart failure

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Rapid weight gain - a symptom of heart failure
Rapid weight gain - a symptom of heart failure

Professional answer please: what are the typical symptoms of heart failure? Is it true that leg swelling is also part of the symptoms?

Valcho Boshnakov - Svilengrad

Heart failure is a serious condition and should never be ignored. In addition, experts say, chronic heart failure can lead to death if timely treatment is not carried out. Because in this condition, the heart pumps 20-30% less blood around the body compared to a he althy myocardium. This means, they explain, that the blood does not supply the organs and tissues with as much oxygen and nutrients as they need for their normal functioning. Ultimately, heart failure damages the heart muscle, resulting in reduced efficiency of its function.

Here are the possible symptoms of heart failure, which are a reason to consult a specialist:

• shortness of breath, especially occurring during physical exertion;

• feeling of suffocation at night, relieved by sitting;

• occurrence of swelling on the legs;

• weight gain of more than a kilogram per week accompanied by fluid retention;

• fast heartbeat.