Who and why should not eat persimmon

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Who and why should not eat persimmon
Who and why should not eat persimmon

The paradise apple. This exotic fruit originates from China and Japan. Its botanical name comes from Greek - "diospyros", meaning "divine fire"

Nowadays, some people are taking serious risks by consuming persimmon. Experts in the field of nutrition told for whom it is harmful to eat this fruit.

This seasonal autumn fruit is known to be rich in various vitamins. In the past, persimmon fruit was used to treat scurvy.

Today they are mainly used to treat colds and coughs caused by blockage of the respiratory tract with inflammatory secretions (a decoction of the fruit skin is made for the treatment), anemia and gastrointestinal disorders, anemia, sore gums, diabetes.

Applying a compress on wounds from the fleshy part of fresh fruit helps them heal. The powder obtained by crushing dried persimmon leaves is used in haemorrhages. The juice acts as an expectorant.

The large amount of iodine makes the fruit a very good remedy for thyroid diseases.

At the same time, however, there are people for whom the use of persimmon can be dangerous. The diuretic effect of the product makes it harmful for those suffering from kidney stones. This should also include patients with pancreatic problems.

Persimmon contains a large amount of sugar, which is dangerous for diabetics.

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