Stomach ulcer may recur

Stomach ulcer may recur
Stomach ulcer may recur

My son is a student. Some time ago he was diagnosed with an ulcer. We did research and it turned out to be caused by a bacterium - Helicobacter pylori. Fortunately, the treatment helped and now my son is fine. But the doctor warned us that a relapse is possible. Why, since the bacteria is gone?

Rayna Gancheva, city of Plovdiv

The ulcer can really come back. The bacterium (Helicobacter pylori) thrives in an acidic stomach environment and dies when treated with antibiotics. But there is a 50% chance that the infection will reappear in the stomach.

In addition, in about 45% of all cases, ulcers are the result of other causes: a violation of the production of acid that corrodes the walls of the stomach, the influence of drugs, hormonal collapse, deterioration of gastric motility, etc.

Heredity also plays an important role: if one of the relatives had an ulcer, other family members are also at risk.

Nutritional deficiencies should not be underestimated. Students rarely follow a proper diet. Many of them prefer fast food, eat mostly dry food, with long intervals between meals, are hungry, often nervous.

The ulcer is dangerous with its complications. The most common is bleeding. A narrowing (stenosis) of the stomach outlet may also occur, causing repeated, debilitating vomiting.

A person loses weight - by 20-30 kilograms. Sometimes, when the ulcer penetrates the head of the pancreas, the patient experiences excruciating pain in the waist. These and other complications require surgical intervention.

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