Oncologist indicated the first signs of stomach cancer

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Oncologist indicated the first signs of stomach cancer
Oncologist indicated the first signs of stomach cancer

Director General of the National Medical Research Center of Oncology in Russia and Doctor of Medical Sciences Prof. Oleg Kit said that stomach cancer is one of the five most common oncological diseases

The doctor talks about the importance of early diagnosis of the disease.

It ranks fourth in incidence among men. It is important to remember: the earlier you detect a dangerous pathology, the more likely it is that doctors will be able to defeat the disease.

Indeed, in the first stage, the chances of cure reach 90 percent, and in the second stage, already 60 percent, the doctor said.

The oncologist indicated the symptoms in which you should see a specialist. This is pain in the epigastric region, loss or lack of appetite, weight loss, nausea and vomiting, tarry stools. It is necessary to be alert if you feel constant fatigue and sleepiness.

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Cancer is a very insidious disease and is almost always asymptomatic in its early stages. That is why it is extremely important to undergo regular preventive examinations. For stomach cancer, endoscopic examination is considered the most effective diagnostic method, Keith said.

According to the doctor, to avoid this disease, you must eat properly. The menu should be varied, the diet should include fruits and vegetables. It is not recommended to eat a lot of red meat, fatty and sweet.

Also on the list of undesirables are too s alty or fatty foods. It is good to give up biscuits, sausages, fast food - fried potatoes, mayonnaise, fried meat, lard and butter.

Also, do not abuse too spicy food. And one of the main requirements: food and drinks must be warm, not hot, warned the specialist.

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