"Living" water heals the gall and stomach

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"Living" water heals the gall and stomach
"Living" water heals the gall and stomach

Rehabilitation Hospital "SBPLR - Lubimets"

SBPLR in Lyubimets is a hospital for rehabilitation, long-term treatment and further treatment and is the only specialized medical facility in the Haskovo region, whose activity is entirely in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

I. The medical facility works under a contract with the National He alth Insurance Fund on the following clinical paths:

1. KP 236 Physical therapy and rehabilitation for primary muscle damage and spinal muscular atrophy

2. KP №237 Physical therapy and rehabilitation of diseases of the central nervous system - conditions after a stroke are treated; parkinson's disease; multiple sclerosis, traumatic and inflammatory paraplegia

3. CP 238 Physical therapy and rehabilitation after myocardial infarction

4. CP 239 Physical therapy and rehabilitation after cardiac operations

5. KP 240 Physical therapy and rehabilitation in children with cerebral palsy

6. KP №241 Physical therapy and rehabilitation in diseases of the peripheral nervous system - radiculitis; plexites; diabetic polyneuropathy; facial paralysis; trigeminal neuralgia; traumatic injuries of peripheral nerves

7. KP №242 Physical therapy and rehabilitation for birth trauma of the central nervous system

8. KP №243 Physical therapy and rehabilitation for birth trauma of the peripheral nervous system

9. KP №244 Physical therapy and rehabilitation in diseases of the musculoskeletal system - dichopathies; gonarthrosis; coxarthrosis; periarthritis of the shoulder joint; rheumatoid arthritis; Bekhterev's disease; gouty arthritis; conditions after bone and body fractures (operated and non-operated)

II. Living conditions and equipment

The hospital consists of two wards: 30 beds.

1. The department of physical and rehabilitation medicine with the 2nd level of competence has 25 beds distributed in 8 hospital rooms

2. The department for treatment and long-term treatment of internal diseases has 5 beds:

• Private hospital rooms are provided for patients who require a companion, all equipped with television sets and air conditioners, which are available to patients completely free of charge.

• The hospital base has equipment and tools for conducting therapeutic physical education, meeting all the main directions according to medical standards.

• Physical and rehabilitation medicine - complex treatment with Pomorie lye and applications with peat mud, a wide range of physiotherapy procedures, laser therapy, inhalation treatment, kinesitherapy (including neck extensions); the hospital also has equipment (devices) for training fine movements and moving joints, bicycle ergometers, Roche cell, etc.n., with some of the treatment methods being carried out for the first time in the district.

III. Personnel and qualifications

1. The head of the department of physical and rehabilitation medicine is a qualified person - Assoc. Dr. Zhivko Kolev Kolev, who is a prominent specialist in the field of neurological rehabilitation in Bulgaria, with speci alties in neurology and physical and rehabilitation medicine.

2. Four more doctors work in the hospital, one of whom has a speci alty in "Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine" and certificates in electrodiagnostics and electrostimulation, and recently there is also a doctor specializing in physical and rehabilitation medicine in the hospital. The rest of the inpatient staff of the medical facility consists of four rehabilitators, one massage therapist, nine nurses and five orderlies.

IV. Organization of activity in the department

It is designed in such a way that the patient is examined three times during his stay - upon admission, the rehabilitation team and the main visit. In this way, a very good relationship is established between all involved in the treatment of the patient.

• The hospital has a Specialized Medical Control Commission (MCC) for physical and rehabilitation medicine.

• At the time of admission, the patient, members of his family or accompanying person are informed about the offered medical care, the therapeutic plan and the expected expenses at the patient's expense, if any.

Contact numbers and additional information:

city Lovemets, reg. Haskovo, "Republicanska" street 38

Manager: +359 3751 72 96

Ch. accountant:

+359 3751 71 51

Ch. honey sister:

+359 888 305 640


+359 3751 70 05

GSM: +359 889 789 750

Sector "Electrotherapy and Kinesitherapy":

+359 3751 83 13

GSM: +359 889 789 502

E-mail: [email protected]


The admission of patients from all over the country is carried out after prior planning on the specified telephone numbers of ch. honey nurse or Inpatient, and patients with severe disabilities (requiring external assistance) are admitted after prior appointment or examination by Associate Professor Zhivko Kolev Kolev - +359 888 108 812.

Living Water Rest Station

Rest station "Living Water" is located in the Sliven mineral baths, 285 km from the city of Sofia and 13 km from Sliven. Thanks to the mineral water, the moderate climate and the beautiful nature, the rest station becomes a preferred place for relaxation and rehabilitation. The mineral water is hot (48ºС), low-mineralized (1,986 g/l), bicarbonate-sulphate-sodium and calcium, at the same time slightly fluorine (4.2 mg of fluorine per liter), contains 27 mg of colloidal metasilicic acid per liter, with neutral reaction (pH 6.8) due to CO2 content (287 mg/l). Total water hardness (20.8 N). Low-mineralized water acts through the combination of its various ingredients, which mutually potentiate each other and cause a wide range of prophylactic and curative effects - specific and non-specific. Here, the presence of sulfate ion makes the water effective in treating the following disease profiles. The Sliven mineral waters have a general strengthening effect on the body, anti-inflammatory, improves blood circulation and removes toxins.

Application of mineral water:

- drinking individual treatment - depending on the type and degree of the disease;

- external individual treatment – pool, baths, showers;

- irrigation in the form of enemas - cleansing medicinal (with medicinal substances dissolved in min. water) or subaquatic bath (washing of the entire colon).

In terms of its chemical composition, the mineral water is close to the famous French mineral waters - "Monéstier de Clermont" and "Saint Luc".

Rest station "Living Water" offers 74 beds, located in 33 rooms and 2 apartments. The apartments have one bedroom, a living room and a bathroom with a bathtub. The building has an independent heating system, and all rooms are supplied with mineral water.

There is a rehabilitation center next to the balneo complex, which includes:

• doctor's office;

• balneology – underwater bath, healing baths, pearl bath, tangents, healing pool;

• physiotherapy sector - light and electrotherapy;

• massage rooms;

• steam bath;

• sauna.

Rehabilitation and treatment have a beneficial effect on specific diseases:

• musculoskeletal system;

• hepatobiliary diseases;

• diseases of the peripheral nervous system;

• gastrointestinal diseases.

The balneo complex also offers various spa services:

• hydrating therapies with mineral water – underwater gymnastics in a mineral pool, pearl bath and tangentor;

• massages to strengthen the body and spirit – vacuum massage, classic full body massage, apparatus massage, partial massage (back, limbs, collar, etc.);

• steam bath;

• sauna;

• fitness;

• sport.

The program includes:

- 6 nights, 6 meals, 6 medical days;

- primary medical examination;

- secondary medical examination;

- up to 4 procedures per day, depending on the he alth status (including dry or underwater massage, at the client's choice);

Rest station "Living Water" works according to programs of the National Institute for Rehabilitation and Prevention of insured patients and people under the Law on the disabled and the war injured.

It is recommended that any client who has medical records (x-rays, epicrisis, tests, etc.) bring them and provide them to the doctor's initial examination.


Slivenski mineral baths, "Slivenski mineral baths" street 1

Tel: 0878104394

Tel: 045112809

e-mail: [email protected]


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