He alth Minister Petar Moskov: VMA is the best managed hospital

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He alth Minister Petar Moskov: VMA is the best managed hospital
He alth Minister Petar Moskov: VMA is the best managed hospital

For half a year, the Military Hospital in Sofia has reduced its obligations to suppliers by BGN 27 million. However, the hospital tops the ranking with debts of over BGN 100 million

The management of the medical facility has managed to negotiate lower prices for drugs, security and maintenance of the building. Laundry and cleaning costs are also less because the activities are carried out by hospital staff rather than outside companies.

The ambition of the head of the VMA, Prof. Nikolay Petrov, is to reduce debts by another BGN 20 million by the end of the year. Measures to tighten discipline among doctors in the he alth facility are also planned.

“I was extremely stressed and scared when I took over the leadership of the Academy. First, because of the frightening numbers of the debt of arrears – 112 million. BGN. There were more than 11 realized judicial garnishments. In my first week, we had a seizure of BGN 6.5 million from the Treasury, given that we earn BGN 3.5 million per month from it. This meant closing the hospital - that's how I started my mandate! It was difficult to work", shared Prof. Nikolay Petrov.

“There will be no layoffs at the Military Hospital, restructuring will be done. Units that are profitable, can bring more image, cure more patients, hence more income, will be developed, as a number, as a state, at the expense of those clinics that do not have good indicators", added Prof. Petrov.

“From the presented financial report for the Military Hospital by Brigadier General Nikolay Petrov, there is nothing to comment on - I will only say congratulations and thank you. All of you have my commitment to the inclusion of the Academy in the already agreed large-scale funding for European projects – tens of millions will be poured into the reconstruction of the emergency rooms of major hospitals.

This is how it should work in all hospitals - I saw no salary cutting, low quality of work, just dealing with the maintenance costs of a Military Hospital. VMA is the best managed he althcare facility! Thank you, Mr. General!" said the Minister of He alth, Dr. Petar Moskov, at the meeting at the Military Hospital and after listening to the financial report of the head of the he alth facility, Prof. Nikolay Petrov.

“The financing methods and rules were finally approved at the meeting of the He alth Fund. The whole process of peace in the system, of clear funding rules, has been completed, it has been completed. Regarding the actions of the management of the Fund, everything is calm, the contractors of hospital care should be calm. Patients should know that there are clear rules according to which their treatment will be carried out", added the Minister of He alth.

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