Anton Valev: The flu virus develops most quickly after a mild cold

Anton Valev: The flu virus develops most quickly after a mild cold
Anton Valev: The flu virus develops most quickly after a mild cold

Until now, I could never figure out when exactly we get the flu and what causes it. If we know the cause and isolate it, we simply won't suffer. Please also explain something more about the drugs we are being treated with. Lately I hear that some of them are being discontinued, others are just changing their quality…

We asked Master Pharmacist Anton Valev to answer the questions posed by our reader. He is one of the best native specialists, specialized in clinical pharmacy in Hanover as a fellow of the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy. He is a member of the Bulgarian Medical Homeopathic Society, the Bulgarian Pediatric Association. He is a member of the Management Board of the European Society for Integrative Medicine in Bulgaria.

Mr. Valev, when does the flu virus develop?

- The flu virus develops when we have a cold the day before and then warm up slightly. With this warming, at a temperature between 8-12 degrees, the influenza virus develops best. When it snows and the temperatures are below freezing, there is usually no flu. Then we have colds. The patient simply caught a cold, his immunity dropped and he gave the opportunity to some virus to develop, which may not be flu at all. It is possible for a patient to go directly from a cold to a bacterial complication. But warm winter weather is virus weather, not cold weather. Let's not try to keep the temperature in the rooms at 22-23 degrees in winter. This is extremely harmful to the body. The appropriate temperature, contrary to general expectation, is 18-19 degrees, which means that in winter we should be well dressed at home. And not to heat the rooms so much that we walk around naked and undressed.

How do you feel about sex education?

- Extremely positive. It should be conducted in the age after 14, even after 9 years, as it is in all civilized countries. There are different programs in both America and Europe. I have seen these programs, but they are not suitable for our mentality… The good thing is that children do not understand what "our mentality" means, so you can talk to them about these topics. Only older people, reading the Western recommendations, due to their puritanical consciousness, may be horrified. If we explain to a 9-year-old boy or girl that they have a uterus, ovaries, sperm, nothing bad will happen. Why should we hide from a 14-year-old boy or girl that they have an erection and ejaculation when it is already happening to them? How can a guy live with who to share if he wakes up in the morning with an erection? It would be best for him to read a professionally written reference book that explains that this is a normal physiological phenomenon that happens to all boys and that he should not be afraid of these things. And the girls have their periods. They need to know that they can get pregnant now. It is a big mistake to close our eyes to sex education, to say nothing about it and to think that in this way we can protect our children from something. It's the same story here as with the other bans. We ban abortions - there are criminal abortions, we ban alcohol - we come across fakes. I.e. everything that is forbidden eventually attracts man with double power.

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