My child is sick very often, how to deal with it

My child is sick very often, how to deal with it
My child is sick very often, how to deal with it

“I'm already tired of my child constantly being sick and being loaded with medicine. Please someone competently answer - do we need to strengthen the immunity with drugs or will everything return to normal after time?"

Today we have selected some letters with questions from young mothers who are worried about their children's he alth. In response to these letters, we offer the useful advice of the popular Ukrainian pediatrician, who often visits Bulgaria - Dr. Evgeny Komarovski.

Parents should remember once and for all that congenital disorders of immunity are extremely rare and manifest not with frequent colds and infections, but with very severe acute respiratory viral infections with dangerous bacterial complications that are difficult to treat.

Congenital immunodeficiency is a deadly condition and has nothing to do with a runny nose lasting, for example, two months. This means that frequent acute respiratory diseases are in most cases a consequence of secondary immunodeficiency. That is, your child was born normally, but under the influence of certain external factors, his immunity either does not develop, or something suppresses it.

The main conclusions:

- If a child normal by birth cannot save himself from permanent diseases, it means that he is in conflict with the environment. There are two options for help: try to adapt your child to the environment with medication, or try to change the environment so that it suits the child anyway.

- The formation and functioning of immunity is primarily determined by external influences - everything that we mean by "lifestyle": eating, drinking, air, clothing, physical exercises, walks, treatment of diseases.

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