For acute back pain, massage is contraindicated

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For acute back pain, massage is contraindicated
For acute back pain, massage is contraindicated

Hello. On the MRI, they discovered a herniated disc with the so-called Schmorl's corpuscles, moderate wedge-shaped deformation of the corpuscles of the vertebral vertebrae, as well as degenerative-dystrophic changes of the spine. When severe pain occurs in the area of the thoracic vertebrae, I use compresses, ointments and, less often, pain-killing injections. Is there any chance to get rid of the pain or at least reduce it? And one more question: can I undergo a massage for acute back pain?

Svetla Radeva - Sofia

Disc herniations with Schmorl's bodies most often do not manifest clinically and in most cases this condition is discovered incidentally during examinations.

However, sphenoid vertebrae can be a manifestation of concomitant osteoporosis. Therefore, it is advisable to refer to a specialized osteoporosis medical center. In these centers, they appoint densitometry - a study that determines bone density.

If necessary, you will be prescribed additional preparations. In addition, it is imperative that you perform physical therapy with the participation and assistance of a specialist physiotherapist who will select the appropriate complex of therapeutic exercises for you.

Regarding the massage, you should definitely not do it in the acute stage of the disease. Massage is a procedure to strengthen the muscles around the spinal vertebrae, that is, a kind of spa procedure and nothing more.