Do I have to pay he alth insurance if I have 30% TELK?

Do I have to pay he alth insurance if I have 30% TELK?
Do I have to pay he alth insurance if I have 30% TELK?

I have a chronic illness, I went to the TELK commission and they determined 30% disability. Please clarify do patients with this percentage have to pay he alth insurance?

Teodora Yordanova, Sofia

The question of whether the 30% you have in the decision issued by TELK exempts you from paying he alth insurance is more related to the payment of a user fee for medical and dental care provided by the NHIF than to the payment of he alth insurance installments. For example, if your illness with the relevant ICD code is included in the List of people exempt from user fees and you have permanently reduced working capacity, evident from the TELK decision, you are exempt from user fees for outpatient, hospital and dental medical care provided.

Regarding the exemption from payment of he alth insurance contributions, we inform you that the He alth Insurance Law specifies the categories of people who do not pay he alth insurance contributions. At the expense of the republican budget, for example, citizens who meet the conditions for receiving monthly social and targeted heating benefits in accordance with the Social Assistance Act, if they are not insured on other grounds, are insured, including those placed in specialized institutions for social services and accepted for service in social educational-professional centers and temporary accommodation centers, family-type accommodation centers, transitional housing, sheltered housing, supervised housing and crisis centers. The Republican budget covers the he alth insurance of war veterans and the disabled, pensioners from the state social insurance, etc.

The question does not make it clear whether you fall under the categories of he alth insurance from the state. For more information, you can contact the competent institution whose legal powers include the determination of the he alth insurance status of people - the National Revenue Agency (NAA) or its territorial directorates by place of residence.

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