Amazing results! With the diet of the healer Petar Dimkov, you lose 10 kg in just 8 days

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Amazing results! With the diet of the healer Petar Dimkov, you lose 10 kg in just 8 days
Amazing results! With the diet of the healer Petar Dimkov, you lose 10 kg in just 8 days

Peter Dimkov's diet is the basis of a number of modern weight loss regimes. It gives unique results - hundreds of thousands of people have confirmed this. A number of native stars bet precisely on her and achieved enviable results. Petar Dimkov is one of the most famous Bulgarian folk healers. He has dedicated his life to collecting recipes and he alth knowledge

His work is the weight loss diet that can change anyone. The diet guarantees 100 percent results. Dimkov's weight loss regimen is not only good but also beneficial for he alth. It completely cleans the blood vessels. So even if you put the weight back on after it's over, it's still useful. Petar Dimkov's diet:

Day one: Boiled potatoes without s alt. No other food is allowed, and quantities are unlimited. However, it is good to stick to the one and a half kilogram dose.

Day two: Up to 3 buckets of yogurt. If there are people with intolerance to this dairy product or cannot consume it for another reason, it can be replaced by oat milk. It is also very he althy. 4 tbsp. boil in 1 liter of water until the seeds crack. Honey can be added if desired. As a last resort, if this milk is also not suitable, it can be replaced with boiled or roasted pumpkin.

Day three: Kilograms and a half of fruits and vegetables. Raw fruits and vegetables should not be mixed at one meal.

Day four: Boiled or roasted pumpkin. It can also be pumpkin compote. It is eaten throughout the day.

Day five: 3 boiled eggs.

Day six: Half a kilo of raw fruits and vegetables.

Day seven: Following the example of day two – three buckets of yogurt. Can be replaced with 300g of cooked chicken or cooked or roasted pumpkin.

Day eight: 1.5 liters of mineral water. Maybe more - the important thing is not to eat anything else.

According to Petar Dimkov's recommendations, the diet should be followed once a month. Thus, the achieved weight is maintained. If after the end of it you want to lose more weight, then apply it for 4 weeks. They may not be consecutive and there may be breaks in between. Despite the speed results, the effect is different for everyone. The optimal weight that can be lost in these eight days is 10 kg. A lot of water should be drunk during the regimen. Despite Dimkov's recommendations, experts advise that the diet be repeated once every three months, because the body has nothing to clean that much.

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