Peter Dimkov's recommendations for rapid heart activity (tachycardia)

Peter Dimkov's recommendations for rapid heart activity (tachycardia)
Peter Dimkov's recommendations for rapid heart activity (tachycardia)

The patient feels accelerated and intensified heart activity, fatigue, easy fatigue. Treatment. It targets the underlying disease. In addition, folk medicine uses the following:

I. Morning, noon and evening, 20 minutes before eating, the patient should take with 1 lump of sugar (or without it) 20 drops of the following mixture (from the pharmacy): valerian tincture (pure) - 20 g, hawthorn tincture flower - 20 g, rose water - 20 g, camphor powder - 2 g, peppermint drops (oleum) - 10 drops.

II. Ten minutes after the drops to drink 1 wine glass of 75 g decoction of Icelandic lichen - 100 g, elderflower, beech moss, hawthorn (fruit), thyme, Balkan savory and blue gentian 50 g each. From this mixture, 2 full tablespoons, with the addition of 3 lemon leaves and 3 cloves, are infused with 500 g of boiling water and boiled for 10 minutes on low heat. When it cools down, it is strained.

Dieta. Vegetarian food, dairy-plant, with more fruits (washed because they are sprayed with poisonous chemicals) and vegetables, or plain food, without pork, beef, mutton and canned meats and fish. Spicy, alcohol and tobacco - no! In the morning for the first breakfast, the patient should drink the following solution: 75 g of lukewarm boiled water with the addition of 10 g of fresh bread yeast and 2 teaspoons of glucose or pure honey, well mixed. One or two hours later, if desired, he can have a second breakfast.

At lunch together with the other food, always accompanied by a salad of onion and parsley in equal parts and a little of the other favorite salads with a little wine vinegar and olive oil to taste, he can also eat 100 g of young meat: lamb, veal, poultry or fresh fish (river or ocean), mostly roasted or boiled, not fried. For dinner, meatless food: yogurt with 1-2 tablespoons of raw grated celery, vegetable and pasta dishes and compote with rye bread. After eating, take 1-2 teaspoons of elderberry marmalade with a little honey.

Instead of water, if the given decoctions are insufficient, drink elderflower and chamomile tea: 1 tablespoon each of both are brewed with 500 g of boiling water, steep for 1 hour, then strain. It is drunk sweetened with glucose or honey and lemon to taste.

III. Two hours after eating to take 1 tablespoon of a mixture of 500 g of liquid glucose or else pure honey, with 20 green leaves of indrishe together with the stalks and 20 kernels of apricots or of sweet almonds, crushed in a wooden mortar of pulp, with the addition of 4 fleshy lemons, cut, squeezed and ground into pulp together with the skins, but without the seeds, and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder.

IV. Ten minutes after this mixture, drink 1 cup of 75 g infusion of acacia (leaves), basil, yellow comuniga (leaves and flower), lavender, lime blossom, lemon balm, peppermint pepper, oregano and hops (cones) 50 g each each. From this mixture, 2 full tablespoons, with the addition of 3 walnut leaves and 1 leveled teaspoon of orange peel, are infused with 500 g of boiling water and soaked overnight, and strained in the morning.

V. In the evening before going to bed in case of constipation, even for one day, an enema is made with 500 g of warm water, followed by a changing bath of the legs up to below the knees (42°C for 30 seconds, 20°C for 3 seconds, 5 times), starting with the hot and ending with the lukewarm. Followed by dry rubbing and rubbing of the spine from the bottom up in the form of small circles with a cotton swab dipped in camphor spirit 1-2 times, a compress on the abdomen of 2 pieces of velvet soaked in warm chamomile tea, on top of a dry piece of hash and a flannel belt. On the heart (front and back) is placed a bag of thin hase, filled with fresh country bread yeast (mixed 4 hours ago and strengthened for both places with 6 tablespoons of wild chestnuts, grated with the skin, and half a level teaspoon of Nishadar of dust), or a khawajiwa tarpaulin (20 by 25 cm) with thin nylon draped on top, well pricked with a thick needle to allow the skin to breathe freely. In case of a severe headache, a "cap" made of thin hase is put on the head, filled with the same yeast, strengthened with 7-9 tablespoons of wild chestnuts, grated with the bark, and in the absence of a headache - a green leaf of fresh cabbage, lightly sprayed from the inside with a little vinegar, on top of another stocking cap. They stay up all night.

Note. The khawajiva mushama is used for 15 days on one side and 15 days on the other side. Then, if there is a need, it is replaced with a new one

VI. Morning. Friction of the armpits, abdomen and genitals with lukewarm water, dry wiping and rubbing 1-2 times on the heart (front and back) with cotton soaked in camphor spirit, dressing and 10 deep breaths through the nose with so slow exhalations through the mouth, holding a green geranium leaf or other favorite flower under the nose. They are repeated before lunch and dinner. In addition, the belly bath (30°C for 20 minutes) with the formula: "I will get well" is also very useful. It is done 2 hours after breakfast and at 4 p.m.

During the day, the patient should wear on the solar node (above the navel, below the spoon) 1/2 head of raw onion, cut in half, stuck with its cut half to the body (attached with a bandage or patches), or else to place in the same place a bag of thin hase (10 by 10 cm), sewn into 1 cm wide strips, filled with dry table s alt. It is fixed with a light bandage or hase belt. It is changed once every two weeks. If during the day the palpitation increases, then on the heart area compresses in the form of cheesecloth bags filled with fresh yogurt, well squeezed and sprinkled with freshly ground mustard, on the tip of the knife, or compresses with half water and vinegar. They are kept until the pulse returns to normal. Self-suggestion. It is done in every crisis with the formula: "It passes, it passes…"

Sunday. If there is no crisis, a break from everything. If necessary, treatment continues. During menstruation, changing foot bath is not done.

Important additions: 1. In case of a crisis of a very accelerated pulse, the patient should put compresses of 4 pieces of hash, soaked in lukewarm vinegar and well squeezed, on the front and back of the heart, and on the head a "hat" filled with raw grated potatoes, sprinkled with vinegar and well squeezed, a stocking cap on top. At the same time, keep your hands up to the wrists in a container of vinegar until the pulse returns to normal.

2. In case of pain in the heart, the patient should immediately lie down in bed on his back and place a ball made of 2-3 handkerchiefs or something else under his left arm, and insert a small ball of cotton into his left nostril.

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