Cystitis and depression are closely related

Cystitis and depression are closely related
Cystitis and depression are closely related

A direct link between cases of chronic cystitis and depression was discovered by scientists from the USA in the course of a recent study.

Scientists studied the relationship between urological and neurological diseases, between pathological processes in the urinary bladder and disorders of psychoneurological activity. Cystitis turned out to be the focus of their attention.

It became clear that people with depression are burdened with chronic cystitis 2 times more often than the rest. The same relationship was found in those who visited a specialist with complaints of cystitis symptoms.

In the end, the conclusions of this comparative study are the following: the dependence between patients suffering from chronic cystitis for more than 2 years and people diagnosed with depression and cystitis at the same time is directly proportional.

A key problem in this tandem turned out to be, of course, depression - everything starts from it. American scientists came to the conclusion that it is depression that provokes the release of specific hormones in the body that weaken the immune system.

This is where the risk of developing various, including severe diseases. The dangerous duo "depression-cystitis" disrupts the quality of life. On the one hand, the prevalence of cystitis in people with depression is explained by the fact that the risk groups for both diseases overlap: in both cases, these are women, the elderly and those with other chronic diseases. On the other hand, the very presence of the chronic disease is a factor provoking psychoneurological disorders.

Cystitis is so excruciating that one's nerves can't stand it at one point.

The solution is to treat cystitis at the very beginning so that your nervous system does not collapse later. Antibacterial therapy is not sufficient for this purpose. In a complex with antibiotics, doctors often prescribe pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory preparations, as well as those that relieve the symptoms of irritation, burning, frequent urges to urinate. The combination of antibacterial and phytotherapy shows good results.

Herbal medicinal preparations enhance the action of antibiotics and allow to lower their dose, without harming the effect of the treatment. In addition, they have a complex effect, can be used for a long time, including and for prevention. But don't self medicate.

At the first symptoms of cystitis, contact a specialist immediately and follow all his prescriptions, taking exactly what he prescribed for you, and not replacing them with unknown bio-supplements and analogs. In addition, you should not stop the treatment course when the symptoms are relieved. Don't forget about immunostimulators - both drugs and physical education, proper sleep and rest regime, he althy diet.

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