Herpes zoster is a disease of the nervous system, not the skin

Herpes zoster is a disease of the nervous system, not the skin
Herpes zoster is a disease of the nervous system, not the skin

Once a year I get a cold sore on my lower back? What is the reason for this? How to deal with the problem?

Yanka Ruseva, city of Varna

This can be explained by poor ecology, improper nutrition, weakened immunity and the not always justified intake of a large number of different drugs. The appearance of herpes zoster (dangerous lichen) can also provoke a stressful situation.

Herpes cells are located in the spinal cord and may not manifest for decades. Shingles is now common in young men and women who drive a car.

From the warm compartment of the car, they jump out into the street without a hat, with an unbuttoned jacket - then the symptoms of the disease appear in the neck and shoulders, not only in the waist area.

The rash "walks" along the course of the nerves, starting from the back of the head and ending in the coccyx. It all depends on which nerve branch is affected. Patients, especially those with facial rashes, should observe strict bed rest and take antiviral drugs.

If herpes on the lips appears once or twice a year, it is treated locally with the help of antiviral ointments. If the rashes become more frequent (for some women they occur before all the critical days), a completely different treatment is needed.

In order to select the most suitable treatment, an immunological blood test should be done to determine which link in the immune system is damaged. Recently, it has become very fashionable to prescribe immunostimulants to everyone. But this can only be done after thorough and careful research done and read.

The patient first needs rest, because herpes affects the nerve endings. It is a disease of the nervous system, not of the skin. It is also necessary to take a lot of fluids, preferably acidified, because the virus releases toxins that poison the body.

Vitamins, for example from group B, also have a place in complex treatment - they have a calming effect. Antiviral drugs are also used. To prevent relapses, avoid hypothermia, sudden changes in temperature.

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