What foods do not combine with eggs

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What foods do not combine with eggs
What foods do not combine with eggs

The right combination of products in a dish is an important thing that should not be neglected. Otherwise, you may have he alth problems from eating the wrong food

In this line of thought, one of the most commonly used food worldwide is eggs. And although the options for their preparation are countless, some rules must also be observed when consuming them.

Scientists have named which foods do not mix well with eggs:

Do not eat eggs at the same time as fruit - this can lead to unpleasant symptoms from the intestines, to diarrhea. To avoid a feeling of heaviness, it is best not to mix eggs with other protein-rich foods.

Also, for the peace of the digestive system, eating eggs with rice is not recommended.

Beneficial fatty acids are poorly absorbed with eggs. Therefore, to get the maximum benefit, you should not use olive oil, avocados and oily fish, which are the sources of these nutrients with eggs.

For the same reason, don't eat eggs with potatoes. The beneficial substances in these products are absorbed better if you eat them at different meals.

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