What is the harm of bread?

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What is the harm of bread?
What is the harm of bread?

Since time immemorial, one of the main things we put on the table when eating is bread. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is an indispensable product

In the course of time, however, he too, as everything changes. Today, you can find any type of bread on the market - from white flour, from type, whole grain, with various additives, etc. However, bread products, depending on the composition and type of flour, have a different effect on the body.

While the old bread was a he alth food, this is not the case for the modern white, disease-inducing product incorrectly called "bread". So what do modern bakery products contain - bread, loaves, etc.?

That is why, when choosing a product in the store, it is necessary to clearly know what effect it will have on our body. One should take care of one's he alth, including the state of the digestive system.

Composition of modern bread

Excessive consumption of bread nowadays is one of the unfavorable factors. Made from grain and devoid of most vitamins and trace elements, as these valuable ingredients remain in the bran, bread can also contain more s alt, soda, yeast and a number of other additives. All this is then subjected to high-temperature processing and with the resulting product we eat 3-4 times a day, often in the worst combinations with other products such as fats, starches and proteins. Thus, bread becomes one of the main sources of various disease states.

Bread destroys he alth

We are used to eating bread. This habit is hard to break. We often say to ourselves, "You can't immediately change a he althy person's diet. And who among us knows a perfectly he althy person anyway?" But at the same time, ask yourself, is there a specific reason for your skepticism, headache, malaise? Don't wait for the doctors to find it. Better take measures in advance and eat he althy.

Bread must be made from large grains. It is both protein and starch. However, this combination is indigestible. Also, our body usually needs amino acids, not "foreign" proteins. To process this protein into a lot of vitamins C and B, so any protein food should be consumed with herbs, vegetables, juices, etc