The most dangerous signs of overheating

The most dangerous signs of overheating
The most dangerous signs of overheating

Swelling of the limbs, rapid breathing, cramps and skin rashes can be alarming signs of overheating of the body. Are there other symptoms of heat stroke and which ones are the most dangerous?

Overheating of the body means there is a problem in its adaptive cooling abilities. This disorder is also called "heat sickness". Overheating can occur both directly under the sun (on the beach, on the street) and in a stuffy, closed space - a car, an apartment.

One of the signs of overheating is a skin rash in the form of small red pimples - this is a consequence of the blockage of the sweat ducts and the accumulation of sweat in the skin. In this case, you should look for a cooler and shady place as soon as possible.

Another sign of heat illness is swelling of the limbs without an increase in body temperature. To deal with the violation, experts advise placing your feet higher and using compression socks.

Among the most dangerous signals of overheating of the body, experts identify heat cramps. When they appear, one should drink s alted water or ayran with s alt, massage and stretch the muscles. But you may also need to search for "Ambulance".

Cramps usually affect the thigh or calf muscles. Body temperature is often normal. If convulsions are felt in the hands, rapid breathing is observed, unpleasant purulent pimples appear, it is necessary to call a doctor.

Sometimes heat stroke also affects the central nervous system negatively: motor agitation, hallucinations may occur. In this case, the victim also needs hospitalization.