Cancer is treated even in old age

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Cancer is treated even in old age
Cancer is treated even in old age

According to specialists, elderly people often refuse cancer treatment, citing that they are too old and may not be able to withstand the treatment

This is a misconception. They assure us that we must realize the following: age is a relative term. For example, an 80-year-old patient may be in much stronger he alth than a 60-year-old.

According to oncologists, refusing treatment is a crime. They explain that modern medicine has reliable methods for determining how dangerous a treatment may be in any particular case. In addition, several condition assessment systems allow a survey to be conducted within a minute.

And they add that there are objective systems for assessing the patient's gerontological status, which allow to determine the "weak, fragile" patient, who, however, should in no case refuse treatment.

He should undergo a comprehensive geriatric evaluation to identify those for whom treatment will do more harm than good. And for this to happen in the context of his concomitant pathologies. In this regard, doctors once again emphasize that the date of birth should not affect the decision to decide on treatment.