After 45 it is more difficult to lose weight - hormones are to blame

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After 45 it is more difficult to lose weight - hormones are to blame
After 45 it is more difficult to lose weight - hormones are to blame

Why is it so hard for women to lose weight after 40? We offer you the position on the topic of the Ukrainian nutritionist Dr. Lyudmila Denisenko, in which she points out the reasons that prevent women from getting rid of extra pounds

The female hormonal system affects not only our nerves, but also our weight. Women know that after ovulation, the body begins to prepare for a possible pregnancy: the appetite increases, and with it the weight, says the specialist. But sensitive ladies may panic at just 1-2 kg more, pulling themselves. This is normal, because 3-4 days before the start of the new cycle, not only does the appetite increase, but fluid retention also occurs, which also affects the scale readings.

“Therefore, do not worry - plus or minus 1-2 kg during the menstrual cycle is absolutely normal. Age-related weight fluctuations are again a female problem. Often, ladies who have gained 10-15 kg by the age of 40, find with indignation that the diet that used to help them no longer works," explains Dr. Denisenko.

Alas, in youth and the metabolism is faster, and physical loads work more efficiently. After 45 years, unfortunately, losing weight is much more difficult".

The reset of metabolism in women coincides with the climacteric period (ie, several years before menopause). And the slowing of the rhythm of life and hormonal changes are mutually dependent.

The level of the "male" hormone testosterone in the female blood also begins to fall, namely it is responsible not only for the rate of fat metabolism, but also for the growth of muscles. Therefore, exhausting training in the gym will not give results. If you are also prone to gaining weight by nature, the extra pounds will stick to you faster.

Try to gradually lower the caloric content of your menu. Of course, in no case do not leave yourself saying "what should I do - the years are piling up", but be active and cheerful. There is no other way to delay the physiological suppression of metabolic processes unless you fight lethargy, sleepiness, loss of strength and other signs of aging.

“The male sex hormones androgens, especially testosterone, also play a role in the sexual problems of obesity. Polycystic ovary syndrome occurs in every tenth woman after 25-30 years, when they produce an excess of male hormones.

And in this context, overweight is not the biggest problem. This condition is expressed in the collapse of the menstrual cycle, which prevents conception. Unpleasant consequences of polycystosis include increased facial hair, acne, and the figure is shaped like a man's.

Hormonal changes accompanying the occurrence of polycystic disease are often accompanied by increased production of insulin - one of the main "actors" in the regulation of fat reserves.Of course, not everyone with PCOS gains weight, but that doesn't mean you should give up. It means that you need to visit an endocrinologist and a gynecologist," adds the specialist.

One of the causes of overweight lies in the constitutional features of a woman, simply put - in her physique. There are three groups of figures: weak asthenic (ectomorph), "normal" normosthenic (mesomorph) and complete hypersthenic (endomorph). A person does not always belong to only one of these types, there are traits from the others as well. It is very difficult to change the physique, so it is good to improve your figure, emphasizing your individual merits. These groups also have "geometric-fruit" differences (figure rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, apple, pear, etc.).

If your body shape is like an apple (wide waist, narrow hips), you will need a lot of effort to lose weight.Abdominal fat is very dense to be defeated, it takes more time. However, if you manage to lose weight, you have a better chance of staying slim. While women with a pear-shaped figure (thin waist, wide hips) gain weight with every bite. That's why it's important to count calories, especially if you're over 40.

“It is important to see a specialist, because it may not only be an age-related hormonal collapse. The cause of excess weight can be a whole list of diseases, starting from hypothyroidism (lowering of the function of the thyroid gland) and ending with prediabetes and diabetes. It is the thyroid gland in women in their 40s that is among the main provocateurs of overweight. If the amount of hormones of this gland decreases, the metabolism worsens.

Hypothyroidism occurs in 10% of adults and occurs for a number of reasons. And its manifestations often frighten with depression, climax, hypovitaminosis. If the problem is diagnosed in time and therapy is started, the situation will return to normal.

Or suddenly the belly begins to grow, although you do not eat more than before, there is no question of pregnancy, then the reasons can be many: tumors (malignant and benign) of the uterus and ovaries; fluid collection in the abdominal cavity (ascites); increasing the length of the sigmoid colon (dolichosigma); as well as banal constipation. To avoid a critical situation, contact a specialist in time.

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