Male Hormones: How Does Testosterone Affect Men?

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Male Hormones: How Does Testosterone Affect Men?
Male Hormones: How Does Testosterone Affect Men?

Hormones are known to affect the human body. There are stereotypes that only female hormones affect behavior and condition, but this is not the case at all

Researchers from the United States conducted research in this area. The results of their research work were published on the website of the California Institute of Technology and in some specialized publications.

Research has proven that men with high testosterone levels tend to make spontaneous decisions based on their own intuition. Moreover, they are practically always unable and unwilling to admit their own wrongdoing.

More than 200 representatives of the stronger sex, randomly selected, were included in the experiment. They were offered either a dose of hormone or a placebo. The volunteers then took a test involving several different math problems that required careful thought and verification.

As a result, those men who took a dose of testosterone were more likely than others to give incorrect answers because they relied on their first gut feeling. Also, they did not try to verify their decisions by following the path of logic.

Scientists believe that their behavior is explained by high levels of testosterone, which increase the feeling of confidence in men, even if this does not correspond to reality. When a person is too self-confident, he is not able to understand and also correct his mistakes.

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