Free consultations for children are starting in 12 cities in our country

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Free consultations for children are starting in 12 cities in our country
Free consultations for children are starting in 12 cities in our country

Ombudsman Diana Kovacheva launched the National Campaign to support children's mental he alth. The campaign was provoked by signals from parents, parenting organizations and child psychologists, who warned of alarming symptoms in adolescents due to their forced confinement in homes.

The initiative is under the motto "Blue Summer" and aims to help children and their parents overcome the consequences of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Within the framework of the initiative, from June 14 to 18, psychologists and experts will consult parents and children for free in 12 cities of the country.

Partners are the local ombudsmen, the BCH and the non-governmental organizations "Child and Space" Association, BCH - Plovdiv, "New Horizons" Association - Smolyan, Center for Public Support - Veliko Tarnovo, Center for Public Support - Varna, Svoboden Youth center - Vidin, Day Center for Children with Disabilities - Early Intervention - Ruse and Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration for Children and Adolescents in Sofia - "Taralezhi".

A study by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) among nearly 10,000 children indicates that due to reduced social contacts during isolation, half of the students interviewed experienced negative feelings of loneliness, insecurity, irritability, anxiety. Over 35% of parents judged that their children's mental he alth had deteriorated. 60% of teachers reported that their work commitments increased significantly during distance learning and 44% of them reported poorer mental he alth.

In the study, children reported that compared to the period before COVID-19, they experienced twice as much fear and anxiety, five times as much boredom, three times as much anger, five times as much irritation, four times as much nostalgia and sadness, four times as much times the loneliness, three times the disappointments, twice the helplessness and worthlessness.

“We will provide free consultations for parents and their children with psychologists. The pandemic, isolation and prolonged distance learning have led to difficulties in adapting to the return to school, as well as the appearance of panic attacks, which is not typical for teenagers.

I have dozens of reports from parents who are concerned about increased anxiety levels of children, increased aggression, decreased concentration and motivation, even reluctance to return to school because they are stressed. This long daily stay in front of computers and phones negatively affects their psyche, brain development and vision.

The life of our children and all of us changed abruptly, literally overnight. Now we are trying to get them back to normal life and communication. We named our campaign "Blue Summer", as I sincerely believe that the summer will compensate for the deficits accumulated by the isolation, but at the same time we will try to help where the problem has deepened. The idea is for the children to be carefree and to be able to return to being children and to communicate directly," said Associate Professor Kovacheva.


SOФИЯ, Ombudsman Institution and Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration for Children and Adolescents "Taralezhi", phone: 0896 760 007 - Hristina Rangelova, "Georg Washington" St. No. 22, [email protected]

BLAGOEVGRAD, Public Mediator of the Municipality of Blagoevgrad - Prof. Dr. Valentin Vassilev, "Georgi Izmirliev - Makedoncheto" Square № 1, room 410, phone: 073 867 750, [email protected]

BURGAS, Public Mediator of the Municipality of Burgas - Todor Stamboliev, Burgas, "Troikata" Sq., Culture House NHK, 2nd floor, phones: 056/ 846 037, 056 / 846 042, [email protected]

VARNA, Complex for social services for children and families, 62 Georgi Sava Rakovski str., phone: 0882 218 514, [email protected]

VELIKO TARNOVO, Center for Public Support, 3 Simeon Veliki St., phones: 0893 649 786, 0893 566 344, [email protected]

VIDIN, Free Youth Center (above Texim Bank) - Irina Alexandrova, 11 Akademik Stefan Mladenov St., 2nd floor, phone: 0988 792 558.

KAZANLUK, Public Mediator of Kazanlak Municipality - Ginka Shtereva, "Knyaz Alexander Batenberg" Street No. 4, phone: 043 198 340, [email protected]

OMURTAG, Public Mediator of the Municipality of Omurtag - Hasan Hasanov, "Alexander Stamboliyski" St. No. 2A, floor 3, Chairman's room of the Municipal Administration, phone: 0884 185 384 – Ayguner Beysimova, [email protected]

PLOVDIV, Public mediator of the Municipality of Plovdiv - engineer Borislav Stamatov, 20 Avksentiy Veleshki str., floor 1, phones: 032/600 555, 032/600 554 and 032/600 552, [email protected], [email protected]

BRC contact center for psychological and psychosocial support - Plovdiv, green line with number 080 011 466

Bilyana Karadzova - Head of Contact Center Plovdiv, phone 0889 000 323, [email protected]

РУСЕ, Day Center for Children with Disabilities - Early Intervention, "N. Y. Vaptsarov" No. 20, fl. 4, phone: 0877 125 649, [email protected]

STARA ZAGORA, Public Mediator of the Municipality of Stara Zagora – Nadezhda Chakarova, 34 A "Metropolitan Metodi Kusev" Blvd., fl. 1, phone: 0885 901 264, [email protected], [email protected]

SMOLYAN, New Horizons Association, 14 Bulgaria Blvd., Europe Directno office, phones: 030 181 433, 0879 423 464.

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