Vibrators are good for women's he alth

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Vibrators are good for women's he alth
Vibrators are good for women's he alth

A team of researchers led by Alexandra Dubinskaya of Cedar-Sinai Medical Center found that the medical benefits for women using vibrators are large enough to justify their prescription by doctors

In their article published in The Journal of Urology, the group of scientists described their meta-study on the he alth effects of vibrator use and why they believe the time may have come for them to be considered medical therapy devices.

Previous research shows that frequent masturbation by women can have a positive impact on both physical and mental he alth. The scientists reviewed research databases for studies involving the use of vibrators for medical benefits and found 558 articles, which they narrowed down to 21.

In their analysis, the researchers found evidence for multiple benefits of regular vibrator use, noting that it improves pelvic floor he alth, reduces vulvar pain, and leads to improvements in overall sexual he alth. They also found cases of regular vibrator use leading to improvements in incontinence (menopausal urinary retention) along with improvements in pelvic floor muscle strength.

Researchers noted that using a vibrator reduced the time it took a woman to reach orgasm. They concluded that vibrators can and should be considered not only sex toys, but also therapeutic devices. And that suggests it's time for specialists to start prescribing vibrators for patients who need them. The team will present their findings at this year's American Urological Association Scientific Meeting.

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