Desislava Valkova: Bach therapy treats the cause of the disease

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Desislava Valkova: Bach therapy treats the cause of the disease
Desislava Valkova: Bach therapy treats the cause of the disease

Bach therapy is a complete system of life harmonizing! Desislava Valkova tells about the essence, application and effect of this therapy. She is professionally engaged in the therapy of Dr. Edward Bach, having acquired the necessary qualification for this at the center of Dr. Edward Bach in England. Her name appears in the International Register of Practicing Bach Therapists, maintained by the Foundation in his name in England

Mrs. Valkova, what is Bach therapy? What is its essence?

- Dr. Edward Bach's flower essence (drop) therapy is also known as Bach therapy. I would personally define it as a complete life harmonizing system because it is based on its philosophy, namely Dr. Edward Bach's understanding of the causes of illness and the path to he alth. According to him, there are two reasons that lead to illness: the first reason he sees in not following our path, our vocation. To what would be best for us to be, regardless of what friends and family think or society tries to impose on us. And the second reason we get sick is that we carry within us traits of character and behavior that we can transform into virtues only through the path of pain (disease).

Dr Bach drops help us to be calm and happy and to use our powers for creative action. Because their sphere of action is precisely the transformation of negative emotional states such as anxiety, hesitation, indecision, fear, anger, intolerance, guilt and others into joy, inner peace, happiness and love. Therefore, if we have to talk about "magic" in Bach therapy, then it is the hidden power in each person, which he can reach only by being calm and happy.

What is the main purpose of Bach Therapy?

- The color essences (drops) of Dr. Edward Bach have a positive impact on our negative emotional states. It is assumed that they are the precursor of the physical and mental imbalances that carry various names of diseases. Therefore, the object of observation and transformation in Bach therapy is the personality of the person with the currently manifested negative emotional states, and not the physical or mental illness.

In Dr. Edward Bach's color essence therapy, it is necessary to identify emotional imbalances in the present moment, assuming that the emotions "on the surface" are affected. Thus, gradually, layer by layer, a person's emotional state is balanced. "On the surface" float those

emotional imbalances,

which human consciousness is ready to meet and realize at the moment and transform into virtue.

And can the effect of this healing method be explained?

- For the effect of the action of the drops of Dr. Edward Bach, a scientific explanation should be sought in the wilds of quantum physics. The whole process of extracting the colored elixirs points precisely to a world of healing energy power from nature, invisible to the naked eye. This is like talking about an energy model of herbalism or like a modern "reading" of millennial herbalism.

Personally, I find an explanation for the effect of this healing method in Dr. Edward Bach's understanding that we are all connected, that everything is one; that the unit cannot suffer without affecting the whole.

Color essences help us to be better for ourselves and others, and thus - indirectly for the whole world

Tell us more about flower essences, what is special about them?

- In their material nature, Dr. Edward Bach flower essences are aqueous extracts of wild plants that are stabilized in organic brandy.100% natural ingredients such as spring water, organic brandy and plants from biologically clean areas are used to make them. For example, one of the English producers of flower essences uses plants that are grown in a small English village of Sotwell, where to this day there is no public transport, and the birds are heard more than the speech of the local residents.

Desislava Valkova

Worldwide, the most widespread is the use of the so-called rescue mixture, which is also the only one created by Dr. Edward Bach

mixture of five flower essences

As its name suggests, the rescue mixture is applied in cases of crisis situations. For example, traffic accidents that we have been involved in or witnessed; flying an airplane, in case we have an overwhelming fear and even horror of flying; a visit to a doctor, dentist or hospital; taking an exam; giving a speech to many people; appearing for a job interview and the like. From the point of view of emotional states, the rescue mixture is applied in cases where we experience shock, panic, terror or intense fear. As well as with great internal tension, bordering on a state of explosion with uncontrollable actions and with loss of consciousness or fainting.

Do people have to stop any other therapy they are using if they are treated with Dr Bach drops?

- I remind you again that the color essences, incl. and the rescue mixture, are administered in parallel with other therapeutic agents. Dr. Eduard Bach wanted color essences to be used in every home and therefore left a short and clear description of the action of each color essence in order to facilitate one's self-selection of the necessary color essences.

Here, for example, is how he describes the action of the flower essence extracted from the red horse chestnut. For those who find it hard not to be anxious about other people. They often worry not about themselves, but about those they care about and can suffer a lot, often anticipating some misfortune that may happen to them”.

Many people these days need this color essence because, just think how often we worry if our child is okay; whether something will happen to our loved ones while they travel; whether what we see on the news will not happen to us. Therefore, the field of application of Dr. Edward Bach's color essences is in the entire range of emotional imbalances that you can think of.

Dr. Edward Bach's color essences are very easy to apply

The most common way of intake is directly by dripping into the mouth or in a small amount of water. Or in another drink. It doesn't matter what you eat, what medications or other therapies you use. My practical experience has shown that the sooner a person balances the newly emerging negative emotional state with color essences, the he althier he is in the general sense of the word.

When was this method created?

- Dr. Eduard Bach developed his healing system, which he defined as based on "the pure common herbs of the fields", in the period England. His followers Nora Weeks and Victor Bullen continued the work after his death (1936-27-11) and registered the flower essences so that we can freely use them today.

In Bulgaria, this method has been applied for more than 15 years, although it can hardly be said precisely in this globalization and free access to information and services.