Agate vocalist Zvezdi: After a day of fruit, I breathe easier and sing better

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Agate vocalist Zvezdi: After a day of fruit, I breathe easier and sing better
Agate vocalist Zvezdi: After a day of fruit, I breathe easier and sing better

Zvezdomir Keremidchiev, better known as Zvezdi, is the vocalist of the groups "Ahat" and "Analgin". The singer was born on June 3, 1964 in Bezmer, Yambolsko. In 1986, together with Antoine Haddad and Antoniy Georgiev, they founded one of the iconic Bulgarian groups "Ahat". Their classic "Black Sheep" has been named the number one Bulgarian rock song of all time in several charts. In 1999, Zvezdi also created the band "Analgin". But since April 2017, he has been working for "Ahat" again. Especially for "Doctor", the singer shared how he takes care of his he alth.

Stars, are you he althy and how do you take care of your he alth?

- Lately I've been taking care of myself by reducing the "meal". I did a "Kolovada" course for detoxification with special medications. After that, I imposed a diet that I follow to this day. So, since spring, I have lost 10 kg and managed to maintain this weight. Now I will repeat the same "Kolovada" course, because it cleanses the body and afterwards I feel very energized and capable of action. This will be my preparation for the tour with "Agate" in November. Then I'll continue with the diet I'm driving.

What is your diet?

- Mandatory once or twice a week I eat only fruit and drink tea. In general, I like to drink coffee in the morning, but if on Friday and Saturday I have performances, on Monday and Thursday I ride without coffee and have a fruit menu. It's nice to have a day off after the weekend. And before events I do the same thing. Because after the fruit regime I feel lighter, freer, breathe easier and sing better.

What happened to make you gain weight years ago?

- Basically, I have problems with my nose, with breathing. This slows down the body's metabolism. And my work is related to singing in bars and in such places where it is quite smoky or with stagnant air. I gained weight in the last ten or more years mostly due to improper nutrition. I gained fifteen kilos.

Did you go to any specialist to consult you?

- No, but I do what most people do. I just changed my diet and use body cleansing medications that are taken with a light meal. During four days of the total two weeks of the "Kolovada" course, no food is taken.

Then I take powders that totally cleanse the body. The important thing is that I maintain this weight that I have achieved. My goal is to gradually continue to lose weight. I like it because I feel better physically.

Did you have high blood pressure before?

- Yes, as a result of the excess weight, I also had high blood pressure. But now I'm a little better, my ears ring less often.

In June I had a problem with kidney stones. I got the crisis right on my birthday. I took him to a hospital in Plovdiv. Then they measured my blood - it was almost like an astronaut's. So says my mother, who worked in the aviation commissions that accepted the young aviators. 120 over 80 is the astronaut's "iron blood" and mine was 120 over 90. I was not well in the hospital with the kidney stones at that time, but my blood was fine. I'm not one of those people who keep a blood pressure monitor under their pillow and measure it all the time. I don't take blood medicine either, just vitamins from time to time. I'm 50 years old now, so some things have to be accepted. I try not to overmedicate - the less the better.

What are your impressions of the hospital you were in in June?

- Especially in the hospital in Plovdiv, I was treated wonderfully. It is a private hospital. The people were very nice, very polite and calm. It was great.

Do you take any special care of your voice?

- I am not a slave to my voice. I know that by taking too much care of the throat, the vocal cords become soft, spoiled. Only when necessary, I take medication, spray sprays. I just don't drink soda. This is the worst thing about the voice. I am a smoker, but not a heavy smoker. If I don't leave the house, I might not light a cigarette at all. I also try not to work too much, I rest fully. This is how I try to take care of my voice. However, in 2004 I underwent an operation - I had vocal cord polyps. Then I had two nose jobs because one of my nostrils is constantly slightly blocked and I don't have the oxygen flow that I need. I have talked to many doctors about this problem. They said it wouldn't get any worse, but it wasn't likely to get any better either. One of the nose jobs wasn't very successful, by the way.

Do you do anything to increase traffic?

- I don't have the ability to move that much. But during the tour I will try to play sports because it is necessary. Someone needs to fill that scene.

I think the stage performances are also quite exhausting?

- Of course. The fatigue from a two-hour concert is the same as from working on your feet for eight hours. Because for these two hours a person gives himself to people as much as possible, there is an expenditure of an awful lot of energy. Both the body and the mind get tired. When there are a thousand people in the hall, everyone wants a piece of you. The audience gets your energy. So the only thing I want after a concert is to eat something light and sleep.

What were your parents like?

- My mother was a nurse. She has been retired for years.

My father was a military pilot.

I wonder how you didn't become a pilot?

- Rock proved stronger than flying and became my destiny.

We know you as Zvezdi from "Agate", but you are also the vocalist of the group "Analgin". Which is the current one?

- "Analgin" is my other group, which is currently "on the rocks". Because we activated the "Agate" group in April and intend to work seriously in the next two years. On November 10, 2017, our national tour begins in six cities - Blagoevgrad, Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna, Ruse and Veliko Tarnovo. A special guest at our concerts will be vocalist Joe Lynn Turner from the legendary bands "Rainbow" and "Deep Purple" and guitarist Yngwie Malmsteam. Joe will come out in the middle of the shows and sing 6-7 of these bands hits.

We traditionally end every concert with "The Black Sheep", wherever we are. We will perform only "Agate" classics that people know and love well. Mainly these are the hits from our legendary album "The Walk" and classics from way back in 1986 and 1987 when we started. We're going to do a sort of retrospective of what we've been performing. We thought about including new songs as well, but we decided to perform them from next year when they will have become more popular after being played on various media and radio.

We already have melodies thrown in, riffs, on which we will make more new songs of the group "Agate". And our composition has been renewed. Last year the bassist and drummer left. We have two new names - Alex Lazarov, who worked with me in "Analgin", and bass player Mladen Nestorov, who worked with the groups "Strangers", "Slang" and "Analgin". From the old formation, we are myself, Antoniy Georgiev - keyboard instruments, and Antoine Hadat - guitar. In this line-up, we have already performed seven concerts around the country at festivals and motorcycle rallies.