Dr. Dora Georgieva: Nanopatches control appetite and lead to weight loss

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Dr. Dora Georgieva: Nanopatches control appetite and lead to weight loss
Dr. Dora Georgieva: Nanopatches control appetite and lead to weight loss

Dr. Dora Georgieva is an anesthesiologist with an interest in the field of acupuncture. For many years she was engaged in teaching, acupuncture and laser therapy. He created and managed the first specialized "Pain Treatment Center" in our country, which was later transformed into a chronic pain treatment department at SBALO - Gorna Banya. He is a candidate of medical sciences. Her dissertation is on the topic: "Application of electroacupuncture stimulation for pain relief in orthopedic surgeries". Participated in a number of congresses and scientific symposia in Bulgaria, Australia, France, Holland, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Moscow, Cyprus, Romania, etc. He has more than 60 participations with reports in international congresses and symposia, as well as more than 40 publications in specialized medical publications. Dr. Georgieva also has three rationalizations, she is the only Bulgarian doctor who was awarded the prestigious "Medal" award at the World Congress of Acupuncture in Prague in 1988 for high clinical and scientific achievements in the field of electroacupuncture anesthesia. In 2009, he received the "Golden Book" and "Golden Badge" awards, awarded by the European Forum of Experts in cooperation with the Academy for Internationally Recognized Leaders in Science and Culture. He is a member of the Bulgarian Medical Union, the Society of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, the Bulgarian Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Today, he also applies the latest electroacupuncture innovation for Bulgaria - a study of our food tolerance with a bloodless Vega test, as well as the application of unique nanodevices combining modern scientific bionanotechnology and Eastern medicine

Dr. Georgieva, what is the main purpose of these unique devices?

- It is about the so-called nanopatch, which sounds more unfamiliar, but is more accurate and truer than nanopatch. These devices were created in 2004, are used in 122 countries in the world, and since 2012 - also in Bulgaria. 72 scientific studies show their harmlessness and effectiveness. They are approved by the EU as a means of influencing acupuncture points. They are 100% natural, certified as non-drug products, registered medical devices, class 1. That is, they have minimal potential for harm. They have all the necessary certificates of the anti-doping agencies - world, American, European. They are unparalleled in world practice. Placed in the appropriate acupuncture points of the body, they stimulate and enhance the natural abilities of the human body to cope with various diseases, but without the use of acupuncture needles. They have no side effects and complications, no intolerance to drugs when used simultaneously with them for a given disease. They do not replace medical diagnosis, hospital or medical treatment. They are safe, effective, fast-acting for all diseases that are treated with medication, physiotherapy, acupuncture. With nanopatches we make the most modern version of acupuncture.

What is their composition, by what mechanism do they act?

- Their composition is of amino acids, sugars, water and stabilized oxygen, i.e., similar to the human cell. The innovations here are the bionanocrystals, with the help of which the molecule is restructured. When the patches are applied, they activate and stimulate the acupuncture points in the places where the acupuncture needles were previously used. Like them

through the acupuncture point and the corresponding meridians on which they are placed, very quickly reach the corresponding brain structures

And the activation of these brain structures leads to the stimulation of various healing processes in the body. The new bionanocrystal technology works on the principle of acupuncture. That is, it stimulates processes in the body without medication, without damage, without superimposition of any harm. All the established effective treatment practices of thousands of years of acupuncture are now being used in an unusual way unknown to us. These devices allow a person to stick them on the corresponding acupuncture points. It is enough for a specialist to make the scheme where, when and how to place them. What possible combinations between them will be appropriate for the patients' ailments and complaints. Now the same acupuncture points, the same meridians, the same knowledge are used to apply the new - the nanocrystals, thanks to which the relevant brain centers are reached much faster and more efficiently. That's the power. 7 variants of these nanopatches were made, each of them being pre-programmed to work at a different frequency on the acupuncture point. And that's why, thanks to micronanocrystals, the various structures that control our he alth are stimulated in the same ways. This is also the essence of brain function - to control our he alth.

And how long does the effect of a patch last?

- The action of the patches and their effectiveness is 12 hours. Then they must be removed, replaced with new ones. They are easy to use because they are in packs of 30 patches, each one accompanied by a prospectus with the corresponding most frequently used application points. This is for the convenience of patients. Of course, the advantage here is that I will draw up the chart and determine what is best for the patient at the time.

The only condition is to drink water

No aqueous environment, ie. without a good cell, the ability of the patches to be effective is reduced. There are no contraindications, except for pregnant and lactating women, because by placing any of the patches, immunity increases. And this implies self-cleansing of the body. That is, a lot of toxins are thrown out, which can get into the placenta or breast milk. People with transplanted organs are also contraindicated for patching. There, immunity must be suppressed so that the transplanted organ is not rejected. In all other diagnoses, which are treated according to the aforementioned methods, the nanopatches can be applied.

I suggest you introduce us separately to the specific application of each of the patch variants

- I start with what people are most interested in nowadays - losing weight, looking good. We offer a variant of a nanopatch that affects appetite and therefore weight. It's a new approach to weight management. Modern control of appetite and metabolism, without diets, without medication. And also controlling night hunger and the desire for sweets. This is something that bothers people who do not eat regularly. They starve throughout the day, so at night, reducing blood sugar, the body wants its own, something sweet, to calm down and fall asleep. When the patch is applied, a feeling of satiety is created. Fat burning is stimulated and supported, i.e. they will be included as energy expenditure and thus will increase muscle mass. It really does reduce body weight, as I said - it comes from regulating and controlling appetite.

I want to point out something that impressed me and my colleagues. It turns out that nanopatches are effective in both overweight and underweight. I mean, at least for me it was a surprise their

effect in anorexia and bulimia

And at the same time confirmation of their effectiveness. In these diagnoses, the patch is combined with other options and, of course, without medication. That's the most important thing, we don't use medicine here. Another effect of this variant is that it eliminates menopausal hot flashes because it has a good balance of hormones. In a word, this is a very nice weight loss range, the most advanced weight loss system. Our attitude towards weight shows how sane we are about our he alth.

What do we do next?

- We continue with the sleep patches that people who have used them say: end insomnia. This patch stimulates the release of the hormone melatonin, which actually ensures our sleep. That is, without anything to take by mouth, the release of this hormone is stimulated. It has also been found to increase sleep duration by over 36%, in some cases even more. Of course, there is no need to take drugs, pills, supplements. What I want to point out is that this is the first nanodevice in the medical field that has been approved as an effective treatment for insomnia. Treating insomnia, not hypnotic. When a person sleeps well, his body weight is reduced by as much as 27%. In addition, the body's adaptation to changing time zones is improved. Nowadays, we travel across different continents, and this discomfort of changing time zones is eliminated. It is also extremely important for athletes.

As far as I know, there is nano tape to reduce pain?

- This is one of my favorite patches. Precisely because I run a Pain Treatment Center in Gorna Banya and I know how much it cost me in terms of time, funds, options to reduce a given pain. I was also surprised when I first saw how fast they work and

how to achieve pain relief

Very quickly, from the first to the fifth minute after applying the patch, pain reduction begins - without analgesics, without drugs and so on. It happens in a safe and natural way because the opiate system of our body is activated. Placing the patch stimulates the release of the so-called beta-endorphins. They have the strongest pain-relieving effect. The pain reducing patch is approved by the EU as a medical device for pain reduction. A study was conducted in six French hospitals with pain relief for chronic musculoskeletal disorders. High effectiveness was found and now these patches will be applied in hospitals in France. Unfortunately, no he alth fund in any country is currently covering the costs. In this regard, I will also indicate some of the diseases in which pain is reduced: disc herniations, discopathy, radiculitis, sciatica, intercostal neuralgia, migraine, headache, joint pain in the back, neck, knees, rheumatoid arthritis, tennis elbow, shingles, toothache, painful menstruation, etc. The truth is, when people have been stepping on their spikes for years, they want to get rid of that pain. They are also suitable for postoperative analgesia.

Place Nanopatch


- Next we move on to the anti-aging nanopatches. There are three of them, but I start with glutathione. It is the most powerful antioxidant that the body produces from every cell. This is the most important indicator of our he alth, it is released from the beginning to the end of our life. It is in good quantities until the 20th year, then it gradually decreases. I have to say that

without glutathione human life is unthinkable

Historically, it has been known since 1887 and so far more than 80 thousand studies have been done to see what this miracle is that nature has given to the human organism. When the nanodevice was inserted for 24 hours, the serum glutathione level increased by 300%. And the truth is that

every cell produces glutathione - an antioxidant. It is the most powerful detoxifier in terms of external toxins, the external environment.

You said three anti-aging nanopatches? Who's next?

- The next one is also an antioxidant - carnosine. The nanopatch stimulates the body to produce higher levels of its own carnosine. It prolongs the life of the cell, helps to regenerate the cells, i.e. slows down aging at the cellular level. In this way, our desire to preserve our body for a longer time begins to be fulfilled to some extent. It is used in all sports in the world. When applied, it reduces muscle spasms because it collects accumulated lactic acid from the muscles.

This nanopatch gives very good results in diabetes, Parkinson's disease, senile dementia, sclerosis, high blood pressure. Because it improves the capillary blood flow of the brain.

Reduces stress within 10 minutes

“The last nanopatch I want to highlight is specifically for rapid stress reduction within 10 minutes. This is clinically proven. Clinical studies show that the first 10 minutes after insertion, micro-inflammations are reduced. A balance is achieved between the central and autonomic nervous systems. We know that for the central nervous system there are many medications, for the autonomic system, unfortunately, there are none. About 20 minutes after the placement of the nanopatch, the reduction of cortisol begins - the stress hormone in the blood, the hormone of aging, of shortening life, the hormone of many diseases. And micro-inflammatory processes are a consequence and symptom of everyday stress, they damage he althy tissue. Therefore, statistics show that about 80% of diseases are based on high stress levels. This is the patch that turns back time. Because the most serious cause of aging is physical and emotional stress," added Dr. Georgieva

Increases energy and concentration

“I will also say a few sentences about the nanodevice created first - the energy patch. It has been researched and proven to increase endurance and muscle strength by an average of 30% when inserted - drug-free, stimulant-free, and only 20 minutes after insertion. Therefore, they are suitable for training and during competitions in all types of sports.

It has an extremely great effect on constant chronic fatigue, exhaustion, muscle weakness - fibromyalgia, when everything and everywhere hurts. As well as improving respiratory function. Many people complain of constant shortness of breath, constant fatigue… And last but not least - it increases concentration and memorization. It is extremely important for a modern person to increase his concentration, memorization, and brain function capacity by 30%," says the specialist.

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