Kosyo Lubenov: I treat the thyroid gland with herbs

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Kosyo Lubenov: I treat the thyroid gland with herbs
Kosyo Lubenov: I treat the thyroid gland with herbs

Kosyo Lubenov is a bioenergy therapist from Stara Zagora. He gives free lectures on self-healing in his hometown, in Sofia and wherever else he is invited. He lived in Europe, served in the French Legion, but returned to our country, trying to use all the means of nature to be useful to a large number of people. A few years ago, he published the book "Self-healing and treatment with universal cosmic energy according to the method of Archangel Haniel"

Mr. Lyubenov, at the beginning of our conversation, please briefly and accessible explain what the method of Archangel Haniel is expressed in?

- I have resided for many years in France, and for the last two years in Alsace I studied this method. Its main essence is healing and self-healing with energy, generally speaking. We work comprehensively on the five basic levels of man - physical, mental, psychic, emotional and astral, which is related to the soul. And we try to keep all this in sync. We work complexly, because when a person affects all levels at the same time, the results are truly miraculous - we achieve harmony, balance, he alth. That is, harmony between the three main components - spirit, soul and body. All the practices of this method are aimed at the following - correct breathing, correct movement, correct direction of energy in order to help ourselves without becoming dependent on certain systems, etc.

Does one have to attend the courses where you give your lectures in order to apply this self-healing methodology?

- No, not necessarily. I have published a book on this way of self-healing, and if one reads it, one does not necessarily need to attend courses. Everyone can help themselves, but it takes daily practice to achieve good results.

I will emphasize again, this method achieves harmony, balance, he alth on a physical, mental, psychic and emotional level. I mean for the last 5 years we have been combining this method of cosmic energy healing and self-healing with herbalism. Because the herbs in Bulgaria are unique and it is good for a person to return to nature, to use them, to know about them.

Tell us more about the herbal products you create

- I had the good fortune to work for some time with the folk healer Bai Vasil Damyanov. Subsequently, I began to develop this skill to heal with herbs as well. I can say that in practice for the last 4-5 years

we have very good results

People who apply our herbal products are satisfied. We distribute them all over Bulgaria - in medical centers, in pharmacies, in stores for he althy products.

We recently opened Bulgaria's second center in Stara Zagora (the first is in Sofia), where, in addition to offering herbal tinctures, creams, teas, essential oils, bio-cosmetics, various nutritional supplements, we also offer a plethora of activities that combine exactly what I'm talking about: the physical level with the mental-psychic and emotional so that everyone can find something close to themselves.

Mr. Lyubenov, is it important for our readers to learn what diseases and conditions are affected by this complex approach that you propose?

- This complex approach can affect all disorders and problems in the body, including reaching a complete recovery of an organ, system or the body. I want to point out that the first and main rule in this approach is persistence. Time and attention must be given to make things happen. The herb works more comprehensively and more comprehensively, but it takes more time than something that works locally, instantly - for hours, for days. Because what acts in such a short period of time is quite aggressive and can break other systems and organs. Patience, faith and persistence plus herbs always lead to the end result. Because the herb comes from nature, and in it, you know, harmony is the only and basic rule. Every thing is in unique interaction and mutual aid with all other things. This is how the Creator designed it.

You call the "miracle" herb golden root. Does it really have miraculous properties? And which diseases does it affect?

- Golden root is one of the herbs with which Bulgaria is unique. But it's not just her, if we start listing them, it will take us hours, even days. Indeed, the golden root has very strong properties. Therefore, even during the time of the totalitarian regime, this herb was protected and preserved so that it could only be used by certain people. It has a strong stimulating effect, affects all organs and systems, tones, strengthens the body, regenerates cells, enhances sexual activity in both sexes. It is useful and healing even when there are problems with conception. It has really good results. You may not know, but many professional athletes have been using it for years. This is one of the things coach Ivan Abadjiev has been giving all his athletes to win world and Olympic titles.

Golden root, of course, we have it as a tincture. We have other, though lesser known, products that are truly unique and work effectively.

As far as I know, you have created special combos for women's issues?

- This combination we offer is one of the most successful, with the best reviews - both from women who have used our products and in the information space in general. The combination of the herbs calendula, tarta, cat's-foot and yarrow gives unique results for fibroid nodules of the order of 7-8 cm in length. For cysts on the ovaries, kidneys, testicles. With regular use for 3-4 months at least 3 times a day, truly unique results are obtained.

You also treat psoriasis. Tell us what effect you are getting on this stubborn disease that plagues many people?

- All permanent problems are internally or externally expressed on the skin, because the skin is like a mirror of our condition inside the body. Therefore, the body must first be cleansed. We offer an anti-parasitic program that cleans a whole galaxy of bacteria, parasites and viruses throughout the body, including the bloodstream, etc.n. And this is the basis for the treatment to go well. After that, a special cream that we have prepared is applied locally. In addition, cleansing with milk thistle oil is added to deeply cleanse the liver, as well as golden root - to quickly regenerate the body. In the treatment of psoriasis, it is important what foods the patient takes. We work in this direction with specific nutritional regimes to strengthen the body so that it recovers faster, regenerates tissues and the problem disappears.

And about one more disease I will ask you to comment - Hashimoto's disease

- In this case we are talking about thyroid gland dysfunction. To regulate it, we offer a tincture of the water lentil herb, because it most strongly and effectively affects all endocrine glands, especially the thyroid gland as a regulator. From then on, when the human organism works like clockwork, as they say, the effect is wonderful. Because all endocrine glands are interconnected and a balance between them is needed for the whole organism to function well. The relationship between them should be such as is laid down by nature in our organism. We have quite a few cases of unique results. And here the treatment scheme is the same - a minimum of 3-4 months, 3 times a day, in order for it to accumulate in the body. So that the information we feed through the herb can enter at the cellular level and change the information in the cells. So that they can recover, regenerate, the reverse process can happen.

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