Aleksander Kachanyuk: I have a hemorrhage in the spine - it is not known when it will stop

Aleksander Kachanyuk: I have a hemorrhage in the spine - it is not known when it will stop
Aleksander Kachanyuk: I have a hemorrhage in the spine - it is not known when it will stop

Aleksander Kachaniuk was born in Bulgaria, lives in Ruse, 35 years old, married. He has a little daughter - Daria, 2 and a half years old - and a wonderful wife Svetoslava. The young man is fighting for his life and needs urgent surgery in Germany, as he has a hemorrhage in the spine. He was treated for lymph node cancer 4 years ago, but achieved remission. Here is Alexander's story specially for MyClinic.

Alexander, could you tell me when you got sick?

- In 2010, March, I was operated on in Aleksandrovsk Hospital, in Second Surgery, as they found a finding in my neck area. It was a necklace of enlarged lymph nodes. I was diagnosed with lymph node cancer and Hodgkin's syndrome. I had chemotherapy at Aleksandrovsk hospital, and radiation therapy after that, and I was in remission for 4 years.

Before they found the cancer, I had no complaints, just a slight stiffness in my neck. In general, as a result of chemotherapy, the blood vessels wear out. Now I have a problem with a blood vessel - my diagnosis is a cavernoma of the spine, at the level of the 7-8th vertebra. Simply put, it is a hemorrhage from a blood vessel in the spinal cord. Maybe the chemotherapy did it, I don't know.

How did you find out about this hemorrhage?

- For some time I had leg cramps in the morning when I got up. At the beginning of September however, a severe seizure began, accompanied by numbness in the legs. I started seeing doctors, they did tests and at the end of November, after an MRI, they found that I had a tumor in the spine. I went to Sofia, consulted with Prof. Romanski, a neurosurgeon at St. Iv. Rilski", who suggested that we wait with the operation and

to try corticosteroid treatment

From them I had a slight improvement, I was in motion, I could work, albeit with a slight limp.

But in the middle of December this year I bled again, it knocked me to bed and since then I practically can't work, I'm at home, on sick leave. I started looking for an option for surgery, I headed to Germany. I found that there is the best technology in this field in Europe. I received several offers from Germany and Belgium, I stopped at a clinic in Augsburg, they want 22 thousand euros to operate on me. They have experience with this disease there and the price is more reasonable than other clinics I checked.

Have you tried to get funding from NHIF or our state?

- I submitted documents to the Commission for Treatment Abroad at the Ministry of He alth and the NHIF, but they told me that it would take at least a month for their response, and the chance that they would cover the costs is minimal, because such an operation can also be done here. However, I want to go to Germany, because there they give me a 30% risk of failure, and I did not find any information that such an operation was performed on a cavernoma in the spine in Bulgaria.

For this reason, I urgently started to collect money with a donation campaign. In October of this year, when I was with Prof. Romanski, the blockage of these vertebrae was 70%, and in December it was already 90%. From Germany, they recommended rest, because any tension, sharp bending can lead to a new distortion, causing a break in the spine. Now it is very difficult for me to move, and only with a companion, I stagger and can barely walk.

Only God knows when the bleeding will happen again

It presses more and more on the nerves in the spine and there is a danger that they will break. I.e. the danger is whether the blood vessel will not bleed again and this will lead to the severing of the spine. And the operation itself is quite risky. The spinal canal is about 1 cm wide and they have to operate within that centimeter. Therefore, I need to collect the money as quickly as possible and schedule a date for admission to the German clinic.

To date, about 10,000 euros have been collected, for which I am really very grateful to all the people and donors. I am surprised by the speed with which the campaign is moving, I am also grateful to the media for responding. I looked for foundations, but it turned out that there is no organization that stands behind the cause of a person of working age - in general, they deal with children and the elderly. I hope that everything will be fine with me, that I will be able to have the surgery soon and I will be able to continue to be with my family.

Margarita Blagoeva

Every donated lev is courage and hope! Let's open our hearts and help Sasho overcome this ordeal and be a full-fledged father and husband again! The donation accounts are:

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