Demodex is a marker for disorders in the body

Demodex is a marker for disorders in the body
Demodex is a marker for disorders in the body

Three years ago I was diagnosed with demodicosis. I've tried all kinds of treatments, I follow hygiene, I completely gave up chocolate, I don't eat fatty and fried foods, but it's all in vain. How to deal with the disease?

Hristina Krasteva, Sofia

The microscopic demodex mite lives in the body of almost all people, but in some it manifests itself, while in others it does not. This mite is a marker of disorders: if something goes wrong in the body, the skin first reacts with inflammation and itching.

In the elderly, the hormonal background begins to change, so we advise you to contact a gynecologist-endocrinologist for a more thorough examination. The doctor will order tests to check your hormonal balance, including your thyroid hormones.

Often, in patients, after consultation with a gynecologist-endocrinologist, the conducted examinations and the corresponding corrective treatment that normalizes the hormonal background, the tick disappears.

Demodex is activated when the acidity of the sebum, its quantity, is disturbed. Other factors that create favorable conditions for this type of mite are also important. It is bad when the biocenosis of the skin is disturbed - the ratio of microorganisms in it.

In people suffering from chronic skin diseases due to hormonal disorders or nutritional errors, half of the beneficial microorganisms in the skin die. Their place is taken by others, which in principle are usually not dangerous, but under certain conditions become conditionally pathogenic.

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