Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Take the crisis as an opportunity for a new beginning in your life

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Take the crisis as an opportunity for a new beginning in your life
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Take the crisis as an opportunity for a new beginning in your life

In the times of uncertainty, mass fear and restrictions in which people around the world have been living in recent months, the world yoga teacher Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the international organization "The Art of Living", provided his 15th in a row free lecture on "How to deal with uncertainty"?

Many people worry that they will not be able to live well, manage their finances and life, cope with the new conditions. The yoga teacher points out the benefits that feeling insecure gives us, its potential for our growth and hope that everyone has the power to deal with their lives.

See what Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has to say on the subject:

“In life we face two things. One is security, the other is uncertainty. Security brings comfort, no doubt - you know everything that's going to happen at that moment. Everything is measured - like in the administration - you know when you will be promoted and how much money you will receive. Everything is safe. Security gives you comfort, but at the same time it takes away your life because it brings inertia, despondency.

When everything is certain, you don't need to use your brain, creativity and intuitive abilities at all, because you know that everything is clear and measured. Life becomes so mechanical, automated. Uncertainty is what drives you to action, it requires your intellect to act. It is uncertainty that sparks a creative impulse in you. When things are uncertain around you, the following can happen: either you feel fear or you go in the direction of innovation,” says Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

He adds that in this time of uncertainty, it is good to think because the current global epidemic of coronavirus is nothing but a third world war, without weapons. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying around the world and one does not know who the enemy is. He wonders what to do at this time. Very often he gets depressed and worries more, losing all the strength to carry on with his life.

“We must remember that after World War II, countries like Germany and Japan were completely destroyed. They had to carry bags of money to buy a piece of bread. But 40-50 years later, Japan, Germany and Israel have surpassed that time by building such a strong economy.

We have seen the worst things on this planet. There was plague in India in those times of war. We didn't have hospitals and isolation camps back then. People left their homes and went to the streets. My grandmother used to tell me that they lived in a colony. But everyone leaves, and she had nowhere to go and had to stay alone with three children. She prayed to God, stayed alone and managed.

So we have seen great disasters on this planet. But remember! After every disaster we have come back full force. Looking back on these experiences can give us the confidence to dream of a better future. We'll start a new life when it's all over. And remember - you will be supported. There is enough humanity in the world - organizations, institutions. People will support you.

We must believe in ourselves in this time of crisis. Do not underestimate your ability and skills to deal with the crisis. In fact, you should see it as an opportunity for a new beginning to happen in your life. It prompts your intelligence to act here and now. All that cruel attitude we had, going to war and unethical behavior - it's all gone now. Greed is gone. Now is the time to start anew. Have this confidence that you will be able to get through this successfully!”, the teacher concludes his lecture.


Yoga boosts immunity and lifts our spirits

This year the Set Yoga Day - June 21 was celebrated differently than other times. When the world is more or less locked down by the coronavirus, the organization "Art of Living" made the celebration online, with very interesting lectures and practical sessions on yoga

“Let's all do yoga at home or in the parks. It is the thing that takes us within, to the source of happiness. Let us spread happiness in this dark period when people are worried and stressed. 2 billion people worldwide have an interest in yoga and many of them practice it regularly. Our goal is for them all to be happy, he althy and celebrate their lives

Let us celebrate our life and yoga day with much enthusiasm, albeit within the four walls of our home. Yoga, prana breathing, meditation - they increase immunity and lift our spirits. In these difficult days, it is very important to keep our spirit and enthusiasm alive and spread it to everyone around you," said Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in his welcome

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