Can food additives cause cancer?

Can food additives cause cancer?
Can food additives cause cancer?

Researchers are concerned that people are being misled about the supposed benefits of nutritional supplements. They believe that in some cases the danger of them may exceed the benefit. For example, some dietary supplements have been suggested to cause widespread diseases such as cancer or to reduce the effectiveness of treatment for that disease. Moreover, antioxidant supplements are often used in the complex treatment of cancer.

Antioxidant supplements have long been thought to protect against cancer because they neutralize reactive oxygen species, which we know damage DNA. A number of studies have linked the presence of antioxidants to a reduction in free radical damage, which is one of the hallmarks of cancer development. However, conflicting data have emerged that cast doubt on these results, suggesting that some antioxidant supplements may increase the number, size, and stage of cancerous tumors.

In a study conducted at Gothenburg University in Sweden, scientists observed similar effects after adding antioxidants to the diet of laboratory mice with lung cancer. The results showed that the prognosis significantly worsened after they were put on a diet supplemented with antioxidant supplements.

In further research, the same team showed a significant association between taking antioxidant supplements and increasing the growth of severe malignant melanoma. In this case, the size of the tumor did not increase, but the number of metastases in the lymph nodes doubled, which means that the tumor spread faster.

The conclusion:

Supplements cannot replace a he althy diet. "The best way to get a full range of vitamins and minerals is by sticking to a he althy and balanced diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables," the researchers recommend

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