Grapefruit improves heart function

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Grapefruit improves heart function
Grapefruit improves heart function

This is what the endocrinologist and popular blogger Ekaterina Yang assures, warning that under no circumstances should you drink pills with grapefruit juice, because instead of healing, you may get a toxic effect on the body

According to Dr. Yang, there are not as many vitamins and trace elements in citrus fruits as we think. However, grapefruit is rich in flavonoids-antioxidants, which really help the body tremendously.

“This fruit contains the substance naringin, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system and improves digestion. Grapefruit also contains furanocoumarins - compounds that take part in the first phase of detoxification in the liver, responsible for the rate of formation of intermediate products from the metabolism of toxins and medicinal preparations.

Intermediate metabolites can be much more toxic than the final ones, which are formed as a result of action in the second phase of detoxification. That is why it is forbidden to drink medicines with grapefruit juice.

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Everything that our oral cavity and stomach should do, namely break down the cell walls, is done by the juicer. Therefore, she advises to use citrus fruits in their natural form. So, in addition to useful substances, as a plus you get a large amount of connective tissue that normalizes digestion. And also pectin, which absorbs toxins from the intestines.

Ultimately, citrus fruits in general are beneficial as they protect against viruses, help us lose weight, fight stress and strengthen the heart.

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