Doctors from the USA named 6 rules for he althy kidneys

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Doctors from the USA named 6 rules for he althy kidneys
Doctors from the USA named 6 rules for he althy kidneys

The American National Kidney Foundation has named 6 simple rules that a person, following, can reduce the risks of losing kidney function himself

Here are the recommendations of American doctors.

Moderate sugar intake

This product in excessive quantities not only scares us with the onset of diabetes. It also increases the sugar level in the kidneys. Carbonated drinks, confectionery and in general any products containing a lot of refined sugar, including juices, are a shortcut to kidney disease.

Less S alt

Sodium is a useful mineral, but in small amounts. Its excess forces the body to store more than the necessary amount of water and this leads to increased blood pressure, which increases the load on the blood vessels, including the kidneys.

Watch your weight

When you are overweight, your kidneys have to work to the point of exhaustion, filtering out waste beyond what is normal for your height and age.

Give up tobacco

Smoking prevents adequate blood flow to the lungs, heart and kidneys.

Give up or moderate alcohol consumption

This leads to a change in the work of the kidneys, due to which they lose the ability to filter the blood qualitatively.

Monitor Blood Cholesterol

Remember that excess cholesterol leads not only to heart disease, but also causes the formation of plaques that clog the renal arteries, blocking blood flow to them, which also leads to loss of kidney function.

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