7 habits that harm he alth more than smoking

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7 habits that harm he alth more than smoking
7 habits that harm he alth more than smoking

From early childhood we are taught about the dangers of smoking. However, few people know that the most common habit in the world brings less harm to our he alth than some usual activities or our very lifestyle

This is by no means a call to miss! This is a warning: there are habits that shorten your life and harm your he alth. Their peculiarity is that, as a predator, they act imperceptibly and attack at the most unexpected moment.

1. Insufficient physical activity

Scientifically insufficient physical activity is called hypodynamia. If your work or laziness forces you to spend most of your day at a standstill, you risk causing serious he alth problems. Disease risks begin to rise after five hours of sitting. And they cannot be reduced by exercise after work. To compensate for a sedentary lifestyle, you should take 10-minute breaks every hour or periodically do work while moving.

2. Unbalanced diet

Pasta instead of vegetables, soda instead of juice or pure water, sausage instead of pure meat - sooner or later, such a choice of food will lead to the destruction of he alth, a decline in immunity and the appearance of a whole host of diseases. The condition of the body is half dependent on nutrition. Therefore, when you decide to change your lifestyle to a he althier one, start with food.

3. Insufficient sun exposure

Of course, for people with an increased risk of skin cancer, doctors recommend staying out of direct sunlight. But for other people, the lack of sunlight has a negative effect on he alth. The sun helps the body produce vitamin D. Without this substance, the body is unable to absorb calcium. The sun's rays also have a good effect on a person's psychological state. You can get rid of depression and bad mood just with a summer walk. The method is quite simple and cheap, but few use it.

4. Lack of sleep

Sleep affects brain function and recovery. With lack of sleep and stress, life expectancy decreases, and the likelihood of various types of diseases also increases. The most dangerous risks are stroke and heart attack.

5. Stressful situations

Stress is a factor of evolution. Only by leaving our comfort zone can we do interesting things and achieve our goals. But stress can be bad. Constant stress brings significant harm to he alth. Some professionals compare stress to five cigarettes. Stressful work increases the risk of premature death by 20%.

6. Loneliness

Man is a social being, communication is an integral part of our life. The amount of communication for everyone is different based on their type of character and education. A solitary existence takes its toll mainly on the psyche. And psychological he alth is directly related to physical he alth. At the expense of loneliness, which is equivalent to 15 cigarettes a day. According to one study, loneliness causes premature death before the age of 35 in about 30% of cases.

7. Poverty, low status in the social pyramid, inequality

Good position, respect for others, good education and high income are the factors that only improve your well-being. High income allows you to get the best medical services, environmentally friendly products, better living conditions. Social status affects psychological and physical well-being: the level of stress hormones decreases.

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