Fizzy drinks shorten life

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Fizzy drinks shorten life
Fizzy drinks shorten life

Premature aging can be caused by a drink that many people love and consume massively. Scientists note that when it is consumed, changes begin to occur at the cellular level

This is what experts from the University of California UCSF said, who conducted a study on the effects of drinking carbonated beverages.

During the experiment, information was carefully studied on 5,309 Americans whose ages ranged from 20 to 65 years. None of the participants had cardiovascular problems.

One part of them regularly drank carbonated drinks for 3 years, while others completely excluded them from their daily life. With regular use of drinks that contain a lot of sugar, the sections of DNA located at the ends of chromosomes (telomeres) become shorter.

These telomeres are found directly in leukocytes and are directly related to the reduction of human life span. In addition, the risk of developing pathological diseases of a chronic nature may increase.

Professor Elisa Epel talks about the fact that carbonated drinks with sugar can provoke not only metabolic problems in the body. At the cellular level, they affect the tissues and provoke faster aging.

At the same time, telomeres begin to shorten much earlier than he alth problems appear. The effect of these drinks can be compared to a certain extent with smoking.

Scientists note that despite the fact that only American adults participated in the study, approximately the same results could be obtained in the case of children.

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