They found an easy way to reduce blood sugar

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They found an easy way to reduce blood sugar
They found an easy way to reduce blood sugar

You can lower blood sugar levels without resorting to drugs. Doctors came to this conclusion after a series of tests

Their research is particularly important for the prevention of diabetes - one of the most common diseases in the world.

It turns out that everything is very simple. You can control the amount of sugar in your blood through physical activity. If you regularly do sports or simply lead a physically active lifestyle, then sugar can be controlled.

Maximum effect can be achieved with a combination of aerobic and intense interval training and weight training.

The method suggested by doctors is also suitable for those who do not like jogging. According to doctors, even simple household chores like washing the floor or cleaning can also have a positive effect on blood sugar levels.

Additional he alth effects can be achieved if you follow a diet. Eating vegetables and pasta will help maintain optimal blood sugar levels. It is recommended to forget about sweet things, fatty and s alty foods.