The risk of fractures in vegans is much higher

The risk of fractures in vegans is much higher
The risk of fractures in vegans is much higher

Dozens, even hundreds of arguments are put forward in favor of giving up animal proteins. Among the advantages are: lowering the probability of developing some forms of oncological disease; improving the work of the blood-vascular system; disposal of slags and toxins from the body and, of course, getting rid of extra pounds.

At first glance, among so many pluses, we should not doubt the benefit of giving up meat. But scientists advise not to rush to limit ourselves in this regard.

Oxford scientists for more than 18 years conducted a large-scale study with the participation of 55 thousand people. The data obtained by the scientists surprised even them: it turned out that the risk of fractures in vegans is 43% higher compared to that of other people.

“We first comprehensively studied how prone people from different dietary groups are to fracture bones. - explains the epidemiologist Tammy Tong from "Oxford", one of the authors of the study. - It turns out that vegans are significantly more prone to bone trauma than meat eaters. Especially for fracture of the femoral neck, which happens to them 2 times more often."

If veganism is your philosophy that you are not ready to give up, doctors advise to maintain an average level of calcium and protein intake with the help of other products. Include more legumes, nuts, cabbage, figs, broccoli, buckwheat in your menu. Drink more water, it is also a source of calcium. Doctors advise taking vitamin D and vitamin B12, which you can find at any pharmacy.

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