6 organs a person can live without

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6 organs a person can live without
6 organs a person can live without

Have you ever wondered if there are extra organs in the human body? At first glance, there isn't

However, it turns out that there are many organs in our body that a person can live without.

Curious to know who they are? Now we will tell you.


This organ is most often removed in humans. For a long time, it was considered not so necessary for life activity. There is a hypothesis of doctors, however, that this organ may contain a group of beneficial bacteria that are capable of restoring the microflora of the body.

But there is also a drawback - when the appendix accumulates harmful substances, it can become inflamed. In this case, an operation is performed to cross, i.e. to be removed, and one continues to live without it, without feeling anything.


This is, of course, a specific case and such an operation is only performed for serious medical problems. Due to some diseases, doctors may remove part of a patient's stomach.

It is strange that we can live without it, since it is the most important organ for digestion.

In case of removal of the stomach, the patient will have to follow a strict diet and some nutrients must be taken intravenously.


In the human body, the spleen serves as a type of filter that helps excrete nutrients and bacteria. A large volume of blood circulates through the spleen.

To prevent the spleen from bursting, doctors are sometimes forced to remove this organ. However, one can live without it.

Little Brain

How can you live without this important organ? It turns out that even without the cerebellum, a person is fully capable of existing. While doctors and scientists cannot give a definitive answer to the question of how the brain copes without the cerebellum, research in this area continues. But it is already known that in the absence of the cerebellum, the brain distributes its functions.

Reproductive Organs

Of course, here everything depends on the diagnosis. Sometimes it is impossible to cure a person without removing his reproductive organs. Men who have their reproductive organs removed live longer than others.


This organ is the end point of the stay of food in our body. By the time the food reaches it, all the nutrients have already been absorbed. Such operations can save the patient's life, but he must follow a strict diet.

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