What should we eat with a high temperature?

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What should we eat with a high temperature?
What should we eat with a high temperature?

High temperature is a symptom of many different diseases. It is the response of the body's immune system to the disease. A high temperature occurs when inflammation is present. It may be caused by an external microorganism such as viruses and bacteria that cause an infection in the body

So if the temperature exceeds 37 degrees, then it is considered high. With such a stressful regime, it is very important to eat right to facilitate your quick recovery.

We offer you the basic principles of proper nutrition during illness.

Protein products

The source of protein for the period of illness should be food products such as cottage cheese, fish and meat. If you have no appetite, the best option is chicken broth. It soothes sore throats, thins out phlegm, and contains all the necessary nutrients that help fight the disease effectively.

Fruits and vegetables

Exclusive source of vitamins for the period of illness. Tea with fresh raspberries or lemon, homemade fruit juice or just an apple is an excellent solution for a person with a high fever. Foods rich in vitamin C should also be preferred - currants, rose hips, oranges, green peppers, broccoli, kiwi, cabbage.


It is to them that you should pay special attention when you are sick. Porridges are easily digested even by a weakened organism and nourish it. So you better forget about your usual way of eating while you are sick, so as not to weaken the action of the lymphocytes that are responsible for fighting infections in the body. It is also necessary to exclude all products such as confectionery and flour, as well as semi-finished products. Strong spices should be avoided, they are good as a preventive measure for the disease. But during illness they can damage the irritated throat. Of course, alcohol and carbonated drinks should also be forgotten.


Drink as much as possible - liquid helps to eliminate all excess toxins. For this purpose, you use still water, but warm liquids are absorbed better. A few cups of tea a day will relieve unpleasant symptoms and speed up recovery. In addition to tea, you can drink compotes or fruit drinks, freshly squeezed juices.


Do not give your body heavy food during illness. Avoid frying and choose boiled, stewed or baked dishes. Also, don't eat smoked and canned foods. Food should be simple (don't eat complex combination meals) and lean.

By following these simple rules of nutrition, you will easily provide tangible support to your body in the fight against viruses. In addition to proper nutrition, bed rest and a little physical activity will also help.