9 habits that help you shed unnecessary pounds

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9 habits that help you shed unnecessary pounds
9 habits that help you shed unnecessary pounds

According to the World He alth Organization, the number of people suffering from obesity has tripled in the last 40 years. Almost every fourth inhabitant of our planet is over 18 years old and overweight. It's no wonder that more and more people are starting to take good care of their diet. Of course, not everyone should adhere to a strict diet, it is enough to resort to tricks that will not help overeating.

Here are some interesting ways that will help you keep your figure without starving and without giving up everything.

Fasten your seat belt

Going to dinner or dinner, put a belt around your waist. When you feel tight, it's time to stop eating. This simple but very effective trick will help you not to overeat.

Drink from tall glasses

A significant part of calories enter our body not from food, but from drinks. For example, a glass of packaged juice contains up to 120 kcal and 20 grams of sugar. This amount can be reduced by using suitable containers. It is a fact that in tall narrow glasses we take on average 20-30% less liquid than in wide glasses.

Slow food

It's very simple: rushing to eat leads to overeating, because the brain simply does not have time to receive a signal that you are already full. So go to dinner, aim to eat in 20 minutes and try to enjoy every bite.

Take a hot bath

Warm water not only relaxes, but also promotes weight loss, say scientists from Loughborough University. In the course of their study, it was found that about 130 calories are lost in an hour of hot bath, as in half an hour of walking. In addition, the overall blood sugar level after taking a bath was on average 10% lower. Solid pluses!

Put a bowl of fruit on the table

Keep he althy foods in front of your eyes, this way you give yourself the attitude of a he althy diet. By the way, this affects not only "living" vegetables and fruits, but also their photos. So don't rush to unsubscribe from weight loss groups on social media!

Sit at the end of the table

This tip is mostly relevant for large company gatherings. Sitting in the center of the table, surrounded by many delicious and obscenely high-calorie snacks, it is almost impossible not to be tempted. But at the end of the table, there is hope to resist, simply because getting to the food is much more difficult.

Think of yourself with some rituals

Many of us blow out candles on a birthday or open a bottle of champagne on New Year's Eve. Food, the reception of which is accompanied by such small rituals, seems tastier to us. Researchers from the University of Minnesota came to this conclusion. So make it a habit to do something nice and relaxing before eating, and even boiled broccoli without s alt will seem like the best meal.

Cut the food into small pieces

This will help trick the brain into thinking there is more food on the plate than there actually is. Due to this, the feeling of satiety will come faster and you will not overeat. Similarly, small plates are used as well as cutlery instead of the forks and knives you normally use.

Turn on the imagination

Imaginary food intake helps us eat less, say Carnegie Mellon University scientists. In the course of their study, it turned out that people who imagined themselves eating sweets actually ate less than other participants in the experiment. So don't be in a hurry to stop dreaming about juicy steaks and sweets, maybe this is how your subconscious mind helps you lose weight.

Of course, all the tricks listed in the article are not a panacea, and without proper nutrition and physical activity, you are unlikely to get a stunning result. However, they will help discipline you and make each meal more meaningful.