Why and when COVID-19 masks are useless

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Why and when COVID-19 masks are useless
Why and when COVID-19 masks are useless

The argument whether or not we should wear masks and how much they protect us has been going on since the beginning of the pandemic. Some countries, including Bulgaria, defined masks as mandatory, while for other countries they are not

The World He alth Organization has researched and announced the size of the COVID-19 virus, from which experts have concluded that masks are suitable to protect us from infection in terms of respiratory protection.

Three protection classes have the masks:

FFP1 type masks that filter 50% of outside air

FFP2 type masks that filter 92% of outside air

FFP3 type masks that filter 98% of outside air

There is no 100% filtering of the outside air when using them, since there is always a possibility of "sucking" when the mask is tightly fitted. However, experts are increasingly advising us to wear masks even if they do not have this degree of protection.

The Ministry of Emergencies in Russia believes that in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic, protective masks are not necessary outdoors and citizens should not wear them. It is better to breathe fresh air in the open air, emphasized Zhana Terehova, the representative of the department.

At the same time, Terekhova points out that wearing personal protective equipment in public transport and public places helps limit the spread of the virus. At the same time, there is an important condition.

“The mask is suitable if the person is in crowded places, in public transport, and also when caring for the sick. However, you may not use it outdoors if there are no other people nearby, it's better to breathe fresh air," Terekhova said.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations also reminds that it is not necessary not to wear the same mask all the time, but it should be changed or washed, according to its type.

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